Treat Your Cat This Fall To These Amazing Cat Cave Styles

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Ok. I am not going to lie. I adore to spoil all of my animals and even other peoples animals. Is that weird? Might be but today not only do I want to chat about the fall season but these super cute Cozy Cat Cave beds. They are perfect fo your cat as the season begins to change and get a bit chillier. Not to mention Cat Cave offers an amazing selection that would go perfect with your fall decor.

These Cat Caves made of 100% Organic Merino Hand Felted Wool Cat Cave Beds are imported from New Zealand and hand-crafted by artisans in Katmandu, Nepal. Cats are naturally attracted to the lanolins in the wool keeping your pet smelling fresh while providing a natural repellent for odors making Cat Cave Beds a purr-fect addition to your home. Each bed is “green” dyed with plant-based applications to create eye-catching color patterned caves like Purple Rain, True Blue, Nature’s Harvest and classic neutral color caves in Desert Sand and Slate River to compliment any room.

So let’s check out some of these beds that I picked out for the fall season. They are so cute, so hold your hat.

The first bed is the Nature’s Harvest and would go amazing with your decor this fall season and even straight into the holiday.

If you adore a bit more color in your home during the fall and winter months, may I suggest checking out the Maroon & Teal. This would give you an excellent amount of color.

The third pick is of course the Farmhouse Grey & White Cat Cave. I really think it had me at farmhouse but what I love most about this is the colors. They can go with literally anything and no matte the time of year this will look gorgeous in your home.

The Cozy Cat Bed Caves are certainly something to think about when spoiling your cat this season and it would make an excellent gift for the holiday coming up. I actually had the chance to check out these cat caves and I must say, I do have one wish is that they made them big enough for me to crawl in. Think about it Cozy Cat..ha ha ha..I do hope that you check out all of the amazing and beautiful styles on their online store.

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