Top Tips For A Stress Free House Move

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It’s up there as one of the most stressful events in life – but moving house is also something which can’t be avoided. Whether it’s upsizing to accommodate a growing family or moving locations for a job, packing up your entire life and shipping it off to somewhere new is a time when you’re likely to have a lot on your mind and be feeling quite anxious. Luckily, there are two secret weapons which can help you tackle this – planning ahead and getting organized. Following those two principles means you can spend less time stressing out over bubble wrapping all your breakables and more time focusing on your fresh start and the excitement of a new home, as well as fun things such as planning your new bathroom or redecorating the family room. 

Work With Professionals 

Moving house involves a cast of many people – and from the legal firm you choose for your conveyancing work to the moving company you entrust with your belongings, working with the right people will always help to manage your stress levels. Try to work from personal recommendations wherever possible – ask friends, family members, neighbours or colleagues for their picks. Always look into the online reviews for a company you’re considering working with on your move. It can be tempting to cut corners at a time when budgets are generally quite stretched, but don’t compromise on service just to get a cheap deal. You need good professionals who you can trust to do a great job, or you’re risking making your own life a lot more problematic. 


Make A Project Plan


The big move may be the main thing on your mind, but it certainly doesn’t mean that real life stops. You still have to work, study, caring responsibilities and other commitments to fit around tasks for the move. So making a project plan can be a huge help. Create a checklist of tasks for moving house and then assign them to a timeline, working backwards from the date of the move. Then create a shared Google Calendar with alerts so you can stay on track – and delegate tasks to others along the way. 


Time To Declutter


The less stuff you own, the less you have to pack, transport and find a new home for at the other end. So start things off by dedicating a few weekends to decluttering your life ahead of moving house. Start by tackling the junk hotpots that could be a nightmare to pack – the cupboard under the stairs where old shoes go to die, that one junk drawer with three garlic presses which don’t work and half a roll of cling film, or the spare room which has become a dumping ground. Really think about what you want to carry forward into your new life. Donate or recycle anything in good order and be ruthless – the less stuff you own, the less time you need to spend packing and the cheaper the quote from your removals firm! Packing up everything that’s left will seem so much easier in comparison and means that you will reach your new home with less stuff to organise at the other end too. 


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