Top Interior Design Trends That Never Go Away

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As we are starting 2021 on a positive note here at Hello Betty, I wanted to share with you top interior design trends that never go away. They are trends that seem to pop up each year and for good reasons.

Home Decor Trends That Never Go Away

Over the years, many looks have come and gone in home interior design. The numbers of trends are infinite and people love to mix and match trends in order to customize their look to match their personalities.

Like in our 2021 reporting on interior design, I wanted to go over a couple of trends that have remained consistent throughout the years. One of the biggest that I see year after year is the French Neo-classical.

Top Interior Design Trend: French Neo-Classical

So you might be scratching your head when I say French Neo-Classical but the best way that I can describe the look is that mixes the style of old money with Hollywood regency.

The style focuses on restraint along with muted finishes and architectural delineation. Now of course this design trend is not for everyone but it is consistent throughout the years as being one of the trends in home decor that you keep seeing.

Top Interior Design Trend: Shanghai Modern

Another look we can’t get away from is the Shanghai Modern. It is a Chinese contemporary design. It incorporates the classic curves of Asian furniture
with fretwork patterns, koi and foo dogs, using them as a sort of pop art.

This style is really a unique way to decorate your home and again is a trend that really keeps showing up. Pop Art is really popular in many different design concepts but works really well with the Chinese contemporary design.

Top Interior Design Trend: Enchanted Forest

Another hot trend is called the Enchanted Forest. As the name describes, this is a more whimsical look and is definitely not for everyone. But this works very well in some designs.

This look is very tongue in cheek, using wood grain prints, antlers and antler accessories, trophy mount heads and gnome-like creatures throughout the home.

Again this is certainly not for everyone, but you could use aspects of this trend to make a statement in your home.

The Americana Look

A big look that will always stay a classic is the Americana look. This look takes objects from pre-Revolutionary times and utilizes them in the
modern home.

This is a broader range of interior design, covering decor from the 1770’s through the 20th century. The main focus is on red, white, and blue.

These are just a few of the hot trends that we continue to see incorporated into living spaces as well as businesses. But in no way are these the only
ways to decorate your home. The range is broad and only limited by your imagination.

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