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Top Interior Design Trends of 2021

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Covid-19 has really made its mark on all aspects of our lives including interior design trends. and today I wanted to share with you some of these trends from top designers in the industry.

To shed light on the changing ways I wanted to share some amazing information from 1stDibs annual survey of interior designers. Honestly, I think they have hit everything perfectly for the upcoming year, but I also wanted to share with you how to use this information.

If you are like me and read about interior design one question you might ask yourself is how to use this information. Many of us don’t have the budget to completely redo our homes for each trend but I wanted to share easy ways you can stay on trend without redoing your entire home or an entire room.

1stDibs Interior Design Findings

Following inline with the 2020 trends that lead to deep blue and jewel tones, with 24 percent reporting emerald green as their top color choice and 23 percent choosing dark blue. Burnt orange and mustard yellow have made significant gains, with 22 percent of designers selecting each of them as the top color for 2021.

Top Interior Design Trends of 2021

“The use of color in design is often a sign of the times as much as of the inhabitants. Jewel tones such as cobalt blue and emerald green are gaining favor in 2021 and definitely add luxury and maturity to a palette,” says Gil Melott, principal of the firm Studio 6F. “What I find telling is how, as people have spent more time indoors, they desire to embrace the outdoors by using more grounded colors, which evoke a sense of comfort and calm. There seems to be a subtle shift toward the humbler earth tones, and we believe richer hues will redefine how the whole home feels: comforting, safe and inviting. If I had to pick a favorite decade, the 1970s might be it.”
Top Interior Design Trends of 2021

I am in total agreement with Gil Melott that adding more luxury to our interior design palette does add more luxury to our homes as well as maturity. Covid-19 certainly has shown us what we need more of in our home as well as what we don’t.

Top Interior Design Trends of 2021

My Top Interior Design Trends of 2021

Again going along with 1stDibs annual survey I find that we will be searching for more comfort in our lives and flexibility. Most of us are working from home still and many companies now offer that option.

Top Interior Design Trends of 2021

I too, feel that this trend will continue well into 2021 and beyond as we have come to the realization that working from home is a real possibility for most Americans.

For that reason, the biggest reported trend in 2020 was a renewed interest in home offices and flexible workspaces. Sixty-six percent of their designers also reported home offices as the dominant expected project in 2021, up 38 percentage points from last year’s report.

I honestly, knew kitchens were also on trend as people are spending more time at home eating and finding that again flexibility is a must.

How To Incorporate These Trends In Your Home

One question I always am asked throughout the year is How To Incorporate These Trends In Your Home. Many people feel that these color trends and material trends should consume their homes. Most of us, including myself, don’t have the funds or energy to redo the entire home. So here are 4 ways you can bring in yearly trends to your home with ease.

  1. Think small accents. One thing people tend to do is over look or over think accents. Bringing in items of on trend items as an example, of an emerald green color, does not have to be hard. Most of the time we already have colors in our homes. Simply style them so that they are a more prominent item.
  2.  Wood is the top predicted material for 2021, at 34 percent, and natural, organic and floral patterns are expected to be the most popular motifs. If you are looking to bring. in these materials I suggest using semi permanent products. One of the easiest ways to bring is more wood tones and wood is molding. I did a posting about that here. If you are looking for more organic and floral patterns but don’t want to take a huge leap of faith think throw pillows and removable wallpaper. Both of these you can do yourself and the cost is small.
  3. One thing that remains steady through the past couple of years is furniture. So there is no need to try to update these items in your home. To the question about which furniture styles they are likely to use in this coming year, the top responses were contemporary (31 percent), mid-century modern (24 percent) and Art Deco (22 percent). Percentages have been similar for these top styles since 2017, demonstrating that the mid-century-modern mega-trend isn’t going away any time soon. Again use the items you already have to bring your space on trend.
  4. If you do have a little money to spare, custom work is becoming more attractive each and every year. Spend your money on quality and unique pieces while helping smaller companies is always on trend but, I feel this year will be even more so.

Final Thoughts On Top Interior Design Trends of 2021

When it comes to Interior Design Trends I always have paid attention to what was “in” and “out”, but the most important thing is that YOU love your space.

This year we have all had enough time at home to be able to figure out what we like. For me the 70’s trend will not be in my home, sorry. I am still a more modern farmhouse style because that works for us. With clean colors and rustic furniture. Yet, it is very easy for me to incorporate color trends into my home easily because most of my home is a simple white or grey walls.

I will be using more Burnt orange and mustard yellow in my home when it comes to accents, throw pillows, table settings as I do feel that this will work beautiful for our home.

One thing I wanted to do in this posting besides showing you Interior Design Trends for 2021, but make it clear that anyone can stay on trend if you would like.

When I first started falling in love with interior design, I thought “wow, wish I could change each year to be on trend”, but it’s impossible. I feel that many people outside interior design professionals would pay more attention if they knew how easy it was to achieve.

So! That being said, over the next three weeks I will be sharing tips and tricks to be on trend when it comes to your home decor for little to no money.


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