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Tips To Reduce The Amount Of Time You Spend On Home Maintenance

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Home maintenance can ask for a lot of your time on top of living your life, and for some, it can be a challenge. Home maintenance can be avoided, but if you don’t do enough of it, then you risk causing damage to your property, and no one wants that to be causing them problems in the future, particularly financial ones. So here are some tips to reduce the amount of time spent on home maintenance.

Tips To Reduce The Amount Of Time You Spend On Home Maintenance

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Keep Gutters Clear

Guttering is the first place on the exterior of your home that is likely to get clogged up with debris and dirt that has blown over onto your property. This is something you can’t help because that’s nature, but what you can do is get a cover that will stop anything from getting into the gutters. Gutter covers, if you find the right one can offer a lifetime guarantee of clog-free guttering. You want one that seals the guttering entirely, and that will help eliminate the build-up of leaves and debris that get stuck in all areas of it. This will save you a great deal of time, and so it’s worthy of an investment to get one that’s good quality enough. To prep, the gutter covers, ensure that you have removed every single bit of dirt and debris and give it a wash down before securing the guttering. Ensure that there are no gaps and then once every year or so, you can remove it just to do a check.

Hire A Cleaner

Not all have us have the time to spend cleaning our property. Whether it’s due to work or just a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to find the time to fit in a good clean, let alone the occasional deep clean that you should do to the interior of your property. So instead, it might be worth hiring a cleaner every so often to keep on top of the mess. Depending on the size of the property, you may need to come once a week or once every two weeks. Cleaners don’t have to cost a lot but be sure to factor in the extra costs to your monthly budget. It might be that you only need them for a couple of hours to do the cleaning that takes a little longer than just picking up around the house. 

Share Tools With Your Neighbor

Maintaining your home can be quite expensive, and so if you have a good relationship with your neighbor, you might be able to strike a deal in regards to any interior or exterior work that they are doing on their own property. For example, if they have a jet wash and they’re doing their property, ask if they could do yours too, and in return, you could do the gutter cleaning or mow the lawn. This sharing of maintenance work can actually save you some time by getting two jobs done at once. Also, you cut down the costs of having to buy additional tools for your home maintenance when you have a next-door neighbor who has it readily available to you. 

Dedicate A Single Day To Home Maintenance

The problem with doing home maintenance is that you’re likely to do it in dribs and drabs and that can end up taking up more time than if you just did it all in one go. So make a list of everything that needs doing and aim to complete it all in a single day. This means you prep what you require beforehand, and so you’re ready then just to go through your list as quickly and effectively as possible. That way, you reduce the amount of time you spend messing around and wasting other days throughout the year.

Fix A Problem As Soon As It Crops Up

Has your shower suddenly started leaking or maybe you have a chill coming through your window due to a cracked window pane? Home maintenance is usually spent on fixing things that have been ignored for a long period of time. The problem with this is that it can then cause more issues and therefore take longer to solve. So as a rule, you should be fixing a problem as soon as it crops up. If you need to get a professional in, bite the bullet and pay for someone who can come in and rectify the solution. If it’s something you can do yourself, however, do it once you’ve spotted the problem because then you avoid it becoming worse. For example, a hinge that’s loose on a cabinet will only damage itself and the area around it the more it’s used. Practice fixing things there and then instead of adding it to a to-do list that will never get completed. We all have one of those to-do lists right? 

Take Advantage Of Hacks To Save Time

The internet is a wonderful place and mostly so because you can find out things from other people, like hacks, for instance, on how to save time on home maintenance. For example, did you know that using a rain-repellant on your shower glass windows and that you’d usually use on a car, will stop watermarks from building up? Re-applying a sealer on your worktops every year will keep it from getting damaged or chipped. Also making sure that you have the right lighting in your home will lift the mood but also help you spot those funky-looking marks on the floor that need cleaning up. 

With these tips, you’ll hopefully save yourself some much needed time on home maintenance and instead, can spend it on enjoying your free time with family and friends. Hire a cleaner if you don’t have time to spend on keeping your home clean, use hacks that you can find on the internet to save time and fix the problem as soon as it crops up. Share tools with your neighbor, and when you can, try to dedicate just one day to home maintenance per year.


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