Timberrrrrrr: Cut The Cheese This holiday With The Cheese Log

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So as most of you can tell from my last couple of posting, I LOVE FRED & FRIENDS’. They have the best little gifts and party accessories that just make the best conversational topics. Today I would like to share with you one more idea on how to dazzle your guests this holiday season. One thing that my family and I always have around the home is cheese and crackers. It must be our favorite snacks during the holiday.

Fred & Friends’ offer a Cheese Log that is literally the best darn Cheese Log I have ever seen and funny to boot.

Channel your inner lumberjack with Fred’s CHEESE LOG knife and board set. A swift swing of the miniature axe provides clean-cut cheese slices and efficiently chopped charcuterie. Timberrrrr! Solid beechwood board and stainless axe.

My husband just fell in love with this Cheese Log! When I first took it out of the package, he was like “what in the world is that”? So I had to explain that is what we will be using to “cut the cheese” this holiday season.

I love that it has a tiny little axe that just makes this Cheese Log perfect and the axe is actually perfect to cut a variety of cheeses. I had no problem chopping down this cheese into slices perfect for our crackers.

I added the Pass The Note Appetizer plates to make everything come together for my fun and quirky style in life. You can purchase the Cheese Log online at Fred & Friends’ and I highly suggest taking a moment to look around at all the other goodies they have. It is so much fun just browsing around their site.

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