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The Ultimate GPS For Your Creativity From Cubit

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As most of you know I am a total DIYer and lover of all things home decor. Have you ever wanted to create something brilliant for your walls but just could not get the spacing right? This is where Cubit comes in. It is the ultimate GPS for your creativity and design. Anything is possible.

I have never been good at math but I do try. Some people are blessed with the ability to do everything in their head, while I am over here with a pencil and paper trying to figure out measurements. There is no need with the Cubit.

Cubit helps you to visualize and transform your environment in XR. Giving you the ability to design with scale and context using real-world images, object measurements and room dimensions.

This is all in an easy AR smartphone app.

Being able to use the Cubit and the app helps to bring your designs back into the real world and implement your creation without having to do all the math.

You use turn by turn directions that Cubit takes you to the real world points bringing your creativity to life in any room in your home.

Using the Cubit is super easy and after you download the app you are ready to rock and roll, with the best of the designers. To show you how easy this is to use I took the Cubit and my Cricut Joy making the perfect DIY project to share.

I love having an office that inspires me, brings me joy, and just plain makes me happy. Off I went to the Cricut Design space to look for some inspiration.

I decided to do a little graphic with the words “slay the day” to help me get motivated in my work.

In the end, I think this came out perfect for me! Using the Cubit helped me align everything with the picture that was already on the wall (which was a bit out of line already, LOL).

I was able to use different elements in my design because the Cubit helped me put everything back together once my vinyl was printed. I would totally suggest checking out the Cubit for your next project and I bet you will just fall in love.


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