The Smartass Corner: How To Taste Almost Like A Connoisseur With Flaviar

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Howdy everyone! I hope that you all had an amazing day! Today I would like to take a little time and tell you all about an amazing subscription box for people that love to try out different spirits. Flaviar, offers a great Whiskey Festivity Box that is perfect, and you can really make a great game out of the box with friends. Not only do they offer this box but they also have a Prime Membership and other great tasting boxes. Their Prime Membership starts at just $18.99 a month! You will receive three samples every month, and the best part is if you find a drink that you love you can order a full bottle with free shipping!! 

Like a beautiful woman, we don’t really mind if a gorgeous Whiskey claims to be a bit younger than it acutally is..with Whiskey that is a rare virtue.

For this posting, I received the Whiskey Festivities Box, which I am in total love with. The first thing that I really look for is presentation and value with any box. I am always wasting so much money buying new types of drinks to try and then never drink the full bottle, such a huge waste! If you were to buy all of these in a full bottle it could cost you $326.00 but for $44.99 you can taste them all and really find the one that you love. 

I would not say that I am by any means a connoisseur of Whiskey in fact I used to think that it was very difficult to really taste and understand the complexity of the flavors, let alone being able to pick out the flavors. Included with your Whiskey Festivity Box is a little paper that states “The Smartass Corner”, love how they worded it. This will help you to really understand what you are drinking. It has tips on how to judge appearance, smell or nose, taste and so much more. 

The best thing I feel that is included with this is the Flavour Map. This simple matrix allows us aficionados to easily explore and understand product differences between various labels. 

The Flavour Map has been prepared and endorsed by an independent Whisky expert, Dave Broom, together with Diageo Scotland Limited.


Each of the Whiskey samples comes in an attractive vile, which in my opinion is the perfect size. Even though the Flaviar box suggests not using ice, I just have too! LOL.

But Wait!! The fun does not stop there. Flavour had created an app as well for iOs devices!! The app is called The Flavour Spiral. With The Flavour Spiral they simplified things and ditched the standard Nose-Taste-Finish of the traditional tasting notes, creating an attractive and clear visualisation of every drink’s 9 most prominent flavours.

You could use their boxes in so many ways such as simply trying each flavor to see which you would drink again or you could share with friends trying to pick out different flavors and notes. My husband and I actually sat down last night and drank these together trying to pull different flavors and smells from each. It was really fun!! 

In all I feel that the Whiskey Festivity Box is a great little way to try new things and to have a bit of fun with it. The price is really great when you consider how much you will be saving from trying different Whiskeys you may not like. I would suggest checking Flaviar out! They also offer many other different boxes and gifts along with their prime membership. Personally, I think my next box is going to be the Rum!! I just love Rum…Cheers

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