The Perfect Sleeve For Your MacBook Pro

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A couple of weeks ago I did a little posting about the MacBook Pro case from STM Goods, which I am still in love with and today I wanted to share with you the perfect complement to the case which is the STM Knit Glove. This baby is so stinking cute not to mention that my MacBook Pro 15″ and STM Case fit it perfectly.

Launched in March, the Knit Glove is a new lightweight sleeve designed for use with the MacBook Pro and crafted to “fit like a glove.” The cover keeps digital gear free from scratches while the zipper-free feature makes it easy to slide in your laptop, keeping bulk to a minimum. The Knit Glove is airport friendly, allowing travelers to leave the laptop in the sleeve while going through security. Knit Glove comes in green, white and plum.

What I love most about this Knit Glove is that there is no zipper. At times I find myself traveling (a lot) lately, so keeping my computer clean and scratch free is so important but most of the cases that I have come by always have a zipper, and these never last. I use my computer a ton because of blogging and coding, so it is always in and out. The Glove works perfectly because there is nothing to worry about braking, like a zipper.

This case is just the same concept as a glove you would put on your hand and made of 100% Poly Air Mesh. This makes it totally ideal for traveling with your computer because when you are security checks at the airport, there will be no need to take your laptop out of the Knit Glove, helping to preserve your beautiful Mac.

I am tickled pink with both of the STM products this holiday season for the MacBook, and I honestly can say that I highly recommend either or both of the products. I also feel that they both are amazing quality and affordable. You can check out the entire line of STM Goods Products online, and I do hope that you do.


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