The New Mercedes-Benz Subscription Program

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As summer gets into full swing and you have parties to attend sometimes, you need to think beyond the outfit that you are wearing. I have always been “that person” that looks to see what kind of car everyone is driving. That is just how I am. Being a Mercedes-Benz fan, I was thrilled to find out about their new Mercedes-Benz Subscription program that will have your friends drooling over your ride in no time.

Mercedes-Benz Subscription Launching this week in Nashville and Philadelphia, Mercedes-Benz Collection provides the broadest array of vehicles by any luxury car maker for those drivers who prefer the variety and convenience of a subscription service. The program allows subscribers to switch in and out of vehicles based on their needs or lifestyle.  Depending on the selected program tier, consumers can choose from all the vehicle body styles offered by Mercedes-Benz including SUV, sedan, coupe, cabriolet, roadster and wagon models – plus the company’s popular high-performance Mercedes-AMG.

I must admit that I do wish that I lived in one of these cities to check out this new fab program. Once you are subscribed, you request a car via the app, and a concierge delivers the vehicle washed with a full tank of gas. The monthly subscription includes unlimited mileage, insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance and vehicle maintenance.

There are three tiers in the program – Signature, Reserve, and Premier – with two offered in each city and prices ranging from $1,095 to $2,995 per month (depending on city/level). Subscribers pay a one-time activation fee of $495 and may then choose from all the vehicle body styles offered in that subscription tier, including Mercedes-Benz SUVs, sedans, coupes, cabriolets, roadsters and wagon models. Each tier also allows access to the company’s popular high-performance Mercedes-AMG models.

The Mercedes-Benz Collection works through a combination of the new Mercedes-Benz Collection app and a local concierge. Once subscribed, customers initiate vehicle exchanges, concierge communication and other actions via the app. Concierge staff then ensure the delivery is consistent with the details and preferences in the customer’s profile. Subscribers can access any type of vehicle within their tier with no mileage limitations. The monthly subscription fee for the tier also includes insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance, and vehicle maintenance.  

How It Works:

  • Those interested can download the Mercedes-Benz Collection app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and hit “Sign up.”
  • Users then create an account (provide a credit card, select a plan and provide a picture of the driver’s license associated with the account).
  • Information is verified, and driving and credit history are checked (subscriber may be contacted with any questions). In most cases, the application is processed, and the subscriber is contacted within one business day.
  • Subscriber is contacted to find out his or her vehicle needs and desired delivery time and location. After the first delivery, subscribers put their requests in via the app. Requests received by noon can typically be fulfilled the next day.
  • Concierge delivers the new vehicle washed, with a full tank of gas and takes away the previous vehicle.


Further information on Mercedes-Benz Collection is available at   


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