The Most Fashionable Fitness Trackers of 2019

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Fitness trackers are luxurious timepieces designed to automatically keep tabs on your exercise and sleep patterns. They feature an intuitive user interface to help you track of your outdoor activities.

But with the many different choices out there, choosing the right product can be an overwhelming experience. To help you make a worthwhile investment, we’ve collected a handful of the best fashionable fitness trackers in 2019.

Apple Watch 4

The Apple Watch 4 is a top-of-the-line fitness tracker that understands the way you work out and puts just about every metric on your wrist. You can set individual goals and track the activity app on your smartphone.

With a gentle tap, you can know whether you’re ahead or behind your goals. Even better, the new cadence metric allows you to see your split for the preceding mile and the number of steps per minute.


It comes with a large screen to help you see important metrics like speed, heart rate, and calories. Additionally, it’s equipped with an ultra-accurate heart-rate sensor and GPS to help you keep track of your outdoor activities.

Automatic workout detection

The watch senses when you’re moving and alerts you to start the workout app. More interestingly, it gives credit when exercising and notifies you when to end the workout.


This device can track both pool and open-water workouts. It’s water resistant up to 50 meters thanks to the brilliant engineering.

Bands and accessories

There is an excellent selection of bands available like Sports bands (40mm, 44mm), leather bands, and metal bands (40mm, 44mm). They can be customized to suit the occasion.


  • The display is bright and easy to navigate even under direct sunlight
  • Easy-to-use fitness features
  • The music syncs more easily
  • Cellular connection works perfectly well
  • Different casing options


  • There are some concerns about battery life

Cost: $384.99 – $514.99

Fitbit Charge 3

The Fitbit Charge 3 is arguably the best-looking and user-friendly smartwatches to date. It is an upgraded version of the Charge 2 and its advanced health and fitness tracking features are designed to help you understand your activity and boost your workouts.


Just like the predecessor (the Charge 2), the Charge 3 comes with a rectangular screen. It’s made of aluminum and looks less chunky on the wrist. This makes it lighter and more comfortable. Another notable feature is that there are no buttons – it’s just a full touch screen.

Battery life

Fitbit comes with a battery that gives up to 7-day battery life. It’s a remarkable way of keeping the insights coming day and night.

Cardio fitness level

The watch is equipped with a cardio fitness score to help you get a better understanding of your fitness.

Wireless sync

You can automatically connect to iOS, Android, and Windows devices to show your status on Fitbit dashboard. Without a doubt, this is one of the best fashionable fitness trackers out there.

Bands and accessories

You can wear the fitness tracker your way by changing the original band with accessories like premium Horween leather, fashionable woven bands, metal bands, and breathable sports bands. It’s worth mentioning that these bands are sold separately. Classic bands come in two sizes (140-180mm circumference) and cost $8.99 while metal bands cost about $17.99. They can be styled for any occasion.


  • Comes in a durable and lightweight design
  • Gives real-time pace and distance
  • Water resistant
  • Offers up to 15 goal-based exercise modes
  • Smartphone notifications


  • Tracks pool swimming not open water swimming

Cost: $149.86 – $171.95

Fitbit Charge 2

The Fitbit Charge 2 has fitness-tracking features, a waterproof body (50 meters), a built-in heart-rate sensor, and impressive battery life.


It comes in a metal case with black or coal finish. Besides that, you can customize the watch with standard interchangeable bands or designer bands from the likes of Mobile Mob.

Auto-sleep Tracking and Alarms

The watch tracks the sleep duration by showing your time in light and deep sleep.

All-day activity tracking

The watch tracks the distance, calories burned, and minutes of activity. Not only that, it will give you reminders to ensure you stay active throughout the day. The Charge 2 will send reminders to encourage you to move 250 steps every hour.


  • Attractively priced
  • It automatically records exercises like biking, hiking etc.
  • Intuitive interface
  • Sturdy design
  • Lightweight


  • Can only handle a few splashes of water/sweat

Cost: $104.99 – $149.95

Samsung Gear Fit 2

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is a modern, high-tech tracker that leaves no details untouched. It features a built-in GPS tracker to monitor your route and distance in real-time.


The 1.5-inch display will help you check your stats workout without missing a beat. It wraps itself around the wrist and packs a healthy punch of functionality.


It works with a wide range of smartphones including from Android 4.4 onwards and iPhone 5 and newer.

Battery life

The battery life will depend on a number of factors like device settings, usage pattern, and operating condition. Ideally, the typical usage time is 3-4 days. On standby mode, it can go for 5 hours.


  • Great selection of designs
  • Competitively priced
  • Comfortable on wrist
  • Large internal memory


  • Not fully waterproof

Cost: $159.99 – $209.00

Final thoughts

The above fitness trackers feature a minimalistic design for multi-sport athletes. They are equipped with a large display and are delightfully easy to wear. And, of course, they come with interchangeable bands to suit your taste and preference.

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