The Jewel In Giving

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Ello, folks! I do hope that you are having a wonderful week so far? Today I wanted to share an amazing company with you called The Jewel In Giving. If you are looking for amazing pieces of bling this holiday season with the purpose of giving this is just the ticket.

What really stood out for me when it comes to this amazing company is that they are an all-encompassing jewelry website where their customers choose their favorite charity to benefit!

They have a 100% price matching and believe they have the best prices so the customers know they aren’t paying extra to do something good.

I love when I can purchase from a company and know that I am doing good in return but I ADORE being able to choose my very own charity to donate to.

Personally, and you know I am a huge dog lover. My charity for the pieces that you will see in this posting was the Guide Dogs Of America. **Insert Smile**

What is super awesome is that it is the company that is giving back. So you have no extra cost when shopping with The Jewel in Giving!

The first item I want to share with you is this amazing Love bracelet. I have simply fallen in love with this cute bracelet because as you know I adore color. Plus it goes fab with my

The second item I want to share with you are these super cute dog paw earrings. OMG.They are so simple and stylish. I adore anything that has to do with dogs so this really is tugging at my heart right now.

The third and final piece that I had a chance to check out was this amazing tri-colored heart necklace. I love it when jewelry has not only gold but silver and rose gold. I think it always looks fab and no matter what you are doing it just works.

These three pieces from the Jewel In Giving are perfectly priced and if you order before the 15th of December it will be there just in time for Christmas. You can also check out there full line of charities you can donate to from your purchase.

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