The Gift Any Home Cook Would Love: Kosterina

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Ello, folks! As I am pushing my favorite items this holiday season we head back into the kitchen because I just feel that Kosterina products are something any home cook would love.

Kosterina, the wellness brand centered around early harvest, high polyphenol Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, just launched a new holiday shop with something for everyone. Their Olive Oil Subscription and Ultimate Gifting Set which includes Extra Virgin Olive Oils (Original, Garlic,and Greek Herb & Lemon) and Balsamic Vinegars (Original, Fig, and Dark Chocolate) with individual gifting bags make the perfect gift for loved ones or party hosts.

The Kosterina  Mini 50ml EVOO and EVOO Dark Chocolate Boxes make for the ideal Stocking Stuffers, and I must admit I am kinda hooked on their EVOO Dark Chocolate. YUMMY.

Check out this recipe:

Crafted and photographed by the incredibly talented Bernice of Baran Bakery, this yogurt bowl pairs granola and almond butter with our addictive Almond Butter & Vanilla EVOO Dark Chocolate served over Greek yogurt for a crunchy and decadent afternoon snack or light lunch. 

The reason that I feel this would make the perfect gift is because simply people are staying at home more. We are cooking and exploring new ways to cook. That means finding amazing ingredients. One thing that my husband and I always say is that “if they can’t make it better than us we are staying home”.

One way that you can always ensure that you are making amazing food is to concentrate not only on the actual ingredients but items such as your Olive oils. This can make a huge difference when it comes to taste.

My husband actually uses olive oil for everything and this morning we used the Kosterina Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can just tell the difference between a good olive oil and let’s say a store brand. A good Olive Oil should elevate the food you are cooking not mask it.

Lastly, I did get a chance to try out the Fig Balsamic Vinegar. I am saving this for my veggies. I just adore veggies that are drizzled with a bit of Fig Balsamic Vinegar. It just brings a totally different flavor to it. You can roast your veggies as you normally would and just add the Fig. So Yummy.

I would highly suggest heading over to the new holiday shop and scoop up some amazing delights that are perfect for stockings and gifts for any cooks this holiday.

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