The Effects Creative Glass Has On A Home

July 16, 2019 in Articles, Home Decor

There’s something about glass that brings a new dimension to decor. All around you have fabrics, wood, rubber and metals but glass isn’t so frequently seen. In fact for the most part, there’s not much glass in one’s decor apart from the windows and light bulbs. But there’s so much more that this material can do. Whenever we think of modern or contemporary dining, we immediately conjure an image of a glass dining table. It’s not quite prestigious as a traditional wooden Victorian dining table, but it’s lighter and elegant in a very modern way. Others ways that glass can be used is for opulence. When you have something you want to show off or present to your guests, you do so by having it displayed in a glass cabinet. Yet when you also want to bring in new color and vibrancy, you can introduce a glass vase or even ceiling light bulbs in different tones. Be creative with this blown sand, and you could have a decor that is both modern and graceful. 

Putting on a show

Cabinets are often used as pieces that will be multi-functional. They will be for book storage, stowing away blankets, pillows, folders, magazines or just general bits and pieces. However, a display cabinet is a showcase the lights up the room. It’s the focal point and draws the attention of any guest toward it. There any many different kinds of display cabinets that are from different time periods. This is where your historical knowledge of interior design will be tested. As you can imagine the classic Victorian display cabinet will be bold and beautiful. It shall be in dark earth tone color, made from beautiful mahogany. On the other hand you also have Edwardian styles that are thinner in design but also just as wide. These use more glass than the former it must be noted.

You also have contemporary display cabinets that are tall and thin, and use different wood like oak, walnut and yew. They are also in brighter tones such as tulip pink, beach yellow and summer blue. Pastel shades are certainly according to taste. However the glass is in a standard grill style and usually the wood is painted black. Thankfully this modern glass isn’t as delicate to wear and can be cleaned using products like which use natural acids to dissolve stains and marks. You can use the glass and surface cleaner on the entire cabinet.

Fluted ceiling light bulbs

Ceiling lights are the modern home’s approach to the kitchen. These lights can be strategically placed around the room so you can see the parts of the kitchen you use most. For example, if you have a middle pots and pans rack, then a central ceiling light is not going to be very helpful as your utensils block most of the light. Therefore, a ceiling light that hangs down at a desired height and position is the best choice for design. However, this gives the light bulb a new lease of life when it comes to design. 

A fluted ceiling light bulb can be in any kind of shape you want it. In fact, interior design brands are more than happy to make you your own custom light bulbs. Depending on your personality, the designs can be entirely unique. Twists, giant squares, oval shapes and just about any other design can be made. The manufacturer will create just about anything you desire but know that, some designs will be weaker inherently so more glass will be needed at certain weak point sections. This does affect how the light shines out of the bulb so choose wisely.

Old school fixture

If you would rather stick to something you know and then move on from there, then you can go for a box light fixture. The ceiling light can be your choice which will then be a stained glass wooden box with the light bulb already inside it. This protects the light bulb but also allows for a greater showcase of creativity. 

Glas is literally the most pliable and customizable material in your house. It should not be relegated to just window duty. You can make it into one of the most brilliant parts of your interior design. It adds new light to the decor and can be part of a living or lounge room in the form of a display cabinet. Although the dining table is a great place for a glass-heavy introduction of decor into your home, the ceiling light can also be in a box stained glass style. 

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