The Coolest Gift For A Grad From Matterport: 3D Imaging Made Simple

May 15, 2019 in Products We Love

Ello, folks! I hope that you all are enjoying your week? As we become closer to graduation I wanted to share with you a company and product that is a must see!!

Matterport is the world leader in 3D capture technology and data. The company recently launched a new, easy-to-use software powered by AI that integrates with leading third-party 360-degree cameras such as the Ricoh Theta V and Insta360™ ONE X.

This has to be the coolest gift for any grad. Not only is the new software easy to use but it is super fun to use! This launch is a game changer in the 3D capture space because these cameras start at under $400, compared to the professional hardware solutions that range from $2,500 up to $18,500, effectively minimizing cost as a barrier to entry for 3D capture solutions. Using these cameras and the Matterport software you can effectively scan any area you might be in.

Matterport and the Ricoh Theta V (this is the camera I got to check out) is perfect because they are compact! This means that while your grad is taking some time out from life they can take amazing 3D images of their spaces they might visit. Below you will find a couple of examples of the 3d images, which I thought was super cool.

So now let me get into how user-friendly it is. I know that I said that it was super simple earlier in the posting, but it is. I must admit I was a bit concerned at first that it would not be. The first thing you will want to do is set up your camera and Matterport Capture App. The app is easy to use and really walks you through everything, even connecting the camera. Below you will see some of the screenshots getting everything running.

Lastly, here is a 3D image that I took of outside. As most of you know we are in a huge remodel right now so there is no way I am taking a 3D shot inside. LOL. But there will be many 3D images coming soon. I think this gives you a much better angle of spaces.

Please do keep in mind that we are totally in a massive remodel, so everything is out of place, but how cool is that!!! In all honesty, this has to be the coolest thing that I have ever blogged about. I love how easy it is to use. To make your 3D image all you have to do is simply move your camera and tripod to different parts of the area you would like to capture. It really is that simple.

I would totally recommend checking out Matterport which has to be the simplest software, and cheapest on the market to create 3D spaces. You can also check out the camera that I used for this posting on their site the Ricoh Theta V. I will be doing many 3D images as we finish our remodel so that you can see different aspects of this amazing software and our new home.

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