The Brownie I predict Will Take The Holiday Season By Storm: Baked In Color

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Let’s be real for a moment. This year has been horrible! The ups and downs, but there is nothing better in this world than an amazing brownie from Baked in Color to bring you that amazing holiday lift we all need right now.

These Giant Christmas Brookie Squares from Baked In Color has been the talk of our home since we received them. They are not your standard brownie that your grandmother might bring this holiday season, but they are literally stacked in goodness.

Baked in Color

These Brookies have a brownie bottom, oreo inside, and a Christmas inspired red and green chocolate chip cookie topper.

I can even make it a bit better! YOU DON’T HAVE TO BAKE THEM. You just taken them out of their wrapper and head for the hills because your husband and kids will be right behind you trying to get a “piece”. I learned this fact last night.

Baked in Color

Let me tell you a quick story. So the FedEX guy honks, I run out, see that its from Baked In Color, know exactly what it is, but me being me, I left it on the bar to make dinner. After dinner my husband looks at the box. I swear he just saw the words “baked”.

Baked in Color

Looking all innocent and puppy eyed, I let him open the package. His eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning and he was five again. Looking again all puppy eyed asked me, “I can have one right? I mean, there is another one you can take a picture of.” Me being who I am and a SUCKER, I said ok.

It was gone in five seconds flat, and this is no small brownie. Those of you that know my husband he is a picky boy, but this baby was G.O.N.E. Poof!

Baked in Color

I did get to have one bit, literally, so when I say you might want to run for the hills when trying to eat this on your own. It’s the truth. These Brookies are so good! The layers are something honestly, I was not too sure about but I love it! My husband loves it! So for us, as I sit here making plans to purchase more for his Christmas gift, I can say without a fact, these will take the holiday season by storm.

I do hope that you give Baked in Color a chance and you too will find yourself fighting for the last bite. If I were you I would make sure you have enough to go around.

But it does not stop there!!

If you are like me and “try your hardest not to over indulge” (never works but sounded good) the Bite Size Rainbow Cookie Tubes are perfect! These little colorful Rainbow cookies are perfectly baked and guess what they fit perfect in a stocking.

So In conclusion and put as simply as I can the Baked In Color has hit the mark! When my husband is drooling over when more Giant Christmas Brookie Squares from Baked In Color are coming and I am sitting here munching on the Bite Sized Rainbow Cookies at my desk you can’t get more of a winner than that.

So, please do excuse me while I go eat this Giant Christmas Brookie Square in peace. 😉

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