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The Best Ways to Make Your Home ‘New Season Ready’ – and Improve Your Wellbeing in The Process

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We think a lot about how to make ourselves ‘new season ready’, don’t we?  

Getting summer clothes out of storage, buying new ones, planning a holiday wardrobe – even investing in a quick spray tan sometimes!  



And we try to eat better…maybe take a little more exercise, whenever the warmer weather approaches. 

But how much do we really consider the changes we need to make to our home – as the seasons move from one to another?  

And the way our wellbeing is affected by those choices…


Why it it important?

It’s important for us to have the right things in place, so we keep warm or cool – including a suitable environment.  And, just like us, the place where we live has different needs when the weather conditions and temperature change. 


So how can your home be new season ready?

Firstly, it’s a great idea to get everything fresh, bright and clean at the start of each season – and, yes, lose the clutter. 

There are some things in our homes that are weather, or temperature specific – if you think about it.  So we should just put them away – when that changes – or in storage for the moment; and make space.


Are you and your home equipped for all seasons?

You then need to think about whether you and your home are practically equipped to cope – and look after each other. 

Do you have, for example:

  • adequate heating or air conditioning – is it functioning properly and has it been serviced?  
  • the right bedclothes and/or soft furnishings, to keep you warm or cool enough for changes in temperature? 



Or, is it a good idea to change the furniture around – for example moving it towards or away from a heat source? 


All of these things are important and we’ll take each in turn…


Adequate, effective heating or air conditioning

Having regular checks of your air conditioning or heating not only helps you stay warm or cool – it also saves on your bills. 


And who doesn’t want that…? 


If you’ve noticed unexplained increases in charges, it could be due to damage in your A/C ductwork. This is a crucial component of your home’s air con and heating system – and you need to make sure it’s properly sealed and insulated. Otherwise, you can end up wasting precious energy and money on heating or cooling spaces that don’t need either. 


So it’s really important to have a regular A/C repair or service – especially whenever a new season approaches.


The right bedclothes and soft furnishings

This might not sound as important, but it’s crucial to your wellbeing – particularly having the right bedclothes.  No-one functions properly without enough sleep, after all – and it’s a really key factor that improves our health, long term.



So make sure you invest in different weights and fabrics of bedlinen, throws, etc for each season.  And you’ll ensure you, at least, always get a good night’s sleep – whatever the weather brings.  


Soft furnishings are also important – having the right fabrics for your rooms, for example, can make a big difference.  A heavy dark rug can drain the light, when the weather’s warmer, so invest in something more bold and colorful. It can transform your space with the minimum of effort – but switch to a cosier option when it’s cooler, to keep yourself snug.


Or try adding different throws to your sofa when the seasons change  – they’ll instantly change the mood of your rooms. Buy or make some new covers for cushions – and think about patterns that echo different seasons. 


Rearranging your furniture 

It’s amazing what a quick change around of your furniture can achieve – and there’s a lot to be said for a little Feng Shui.  Try to think about how the light works in your rooms at different times and find ways to maximise it, wherever you can.


When the weather’s warmer, open the windows to get some fresh air  – and give them a clean inside and out so they let in every ray of sunshine.



Do the same with the rest of your house – vacuum everywhere, clean skirting boards and the tops of cupboards where dust gathers. 


You’ll feel so much better when your house is cleaner and less cluttered – so put things away too, that you no longer need.


We hope this post has inspired you on how to make your home new season ready – and improve your wellbeing. With a little bit of knowhow, thought and imagination you can make both yourself and your home shine – every season.



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