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The Best Products For Your Hot Chocolate Bar

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I just love hot chocolate and today I wanted to share with you some amazing products for entertaining this holiday season. Hot Chocolate for me is always so much fun to make and add a bit of sprinkle of course. This is something your kids would love as well. Creating their own little blends and decorations.

For my hot chocolate bar I wanted to keep things super simple with only the best products added and boy, do I have some goodies for you to check out.

hot chocolate

Below you will find links to everything that is included in this little hot chocolate bar as well as images and a bit of a summary for each product. I do hope that you check these out as they would be fabulous for your family and guests this holiday season.

hot chocolate

What You Need For Your Hot Chocolate Bar

When it comes to the type of hot chocolate to make out of five brands that submitted their products only two made my list. I just love Bixby & Co. Drinking Chocolate and Mexican Hot Chocolate. They are both very different products but super good and perfect for your hot chocolate bar.

hot chocolate

Bixby & Co. Drinking Chocolate is non-GMO, gluten-free, RAC, and some are USDA organic. My total favorite would have to be their Creamy Dark & Milk with just a hint of Cinnamon. I just thought that the flavor was perfect for a chilly evening and really reminded me of my grandmother’s hot chocolate she used to make me.

hot chocolate

The second pick when it comes to Hot Chocolate is the Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set. This company was kind enough to send a sample of their product including the hand-carved molinillo, which is simply beautiful. This set is a total must if you enjoy traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate.

Another product, that you might not consider but I think is perfect for a hot chocolate bar is the Waxing Kara Chocolate Dipped Honey Lollipops. These are super yummy and really look awesome on your hot chocolate bar. Dark Chocolate Dipped Lollipops are really a gourmet treat and perfect for your family and guests.

The last product is mugs of course! This year I teamed up with Totally Promotional to share their amazing mugs with you. I think this would be perfect because you can design them how you want! Super cool!!!

hot chocolate

I do hope that you check out these amazing products for your hot chocolate bar and consider them all. They are all very different and unique in their own way which makes them perfect.

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