The Best Kitchen Trends Of 2019

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In the twenty first century, our kitchens have become the heart of our homes. Kitchens are no longer parts of our humble abode that are closed off and isolated. They are open plan and welcome in dining spaces, so you can chat with friends over coffee while you are cooking, you can monitor the kids doing their homework and you don’t have to be slaving away over a stove without any company. Kitchens can be an outlet for our creativity in a culinary sense and with our home decor. Take a look at the best kitchen trends of 2019 to inspire your dream kitchen design.




The most on trend aspect to a luxurious modern kitchen is the island. While they can make a tiny kitchen looked cramped, if you have the space, an island can be the perfect addition to move your sink away from your room perimeter or to add a hob centrepiece. Islands can be perfect to extend your work surface space. You could add a gorgeous quartz granite worktop, or emulate your linseed oiled hardwood surfaces upon your central island. An island will also provide extra storage for your pots and pans, and can be a great little space to add a breakfast bar for more casual morning dining.


Country Kitchens


It doesn’t matter whether you live in an ultra modern apartment or a large sprawling country pad, you can create a country cosy style kitchen in your pad. Perhaps you fancy some shaker cabinets to give your units a cream hue and more homely feel. Wooden worktops and panelled cabinets are perfect to emulate a country feel. Although you may live in a more modern dwelling, you can create whatever atmosphere you wish for your cooking space. A country style kitchen means a large oak dining table, red tiled flooring and floral tiled splashbacks. You can whip up a pan stand or two and opt for a pantry and have trivets galore.




If you are fed up with the clutter in your kitchen, then you should consider a more sleek minimalist look for your kitchen units. High gloss greys, whites and blacks have a more industrial edge. Coupled with aluminium splashbacks, and you can create an almost commercial kitchen look for your gastronomically focused area. Go for a one single color lino flooring to extend the minimalist effect. With very little on show, your storage is paramount. You don’t want pans, knife blocks or appliances on your work surface. Minimalism is key to this kitchen ambience.


Designing your dream kitchen can be difficult. There are a whole host of interior design magazines expressing the delights of differing types of unit, cabinet and layout. You need to focus on what would make your dream kitchen fit for purpose. If you don’t drink alcohol, don’t just add a wine cooler to your integrated fridge because it’s on trend. Follow your dream kitchen design by looking at how your family utilizes a kitchen space. Use these trends of 2019 to inspire your kitchen plans.


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