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September 27, 2019 in Home Decor

Decocrated has to be my favorite home decor subscription box ever! If you adore decorating your home for each season but don’t want the hassle of going to the store finding those perfect pieces this box is just for you!

What I love most about Decocrated is that they really love the products that they send and take their time crafting each box with love. The fall box is the first box that will be shown off in my new home and I could not love it more. 


Our new furniture arrived this week and I could not be happier with how everything is coming together. One other reason that I adore this box over others is the pillowcases. This might sound minor to most but changing out my pillows is a must when it comes to the different seasons. 


All of there pieces can really be used anywhere in your home. Like the sign above I had on the console where as in the bottom picture on my table. 

8 Reasons Decocrated is the best home decor subscription box

  1. The first reason is that this company knows and understands how hard it is to find those perfect pieces for your home. 
  2. In each box, there will be a featured artist and they include some pieces as well. This is what really makes Decocrated unique to other boxes. For the fall box, the pillow and print were created by the amazing and talented, Katerina Fonte. Kat is an artist that blends illustration and emotions in all she does. She brings a touch of fancy to your home with the art print, pillows, and reversible tabletop sign.
  3. The third reason that I feel that this is the best home decor subscription box is the fact that you really get amazing pieces at amazing prices. Each box is $79.99. Each item, if the value is divided equally, would mean that you are paying less than $10 per item. The fall box is valued over $200.00. BUT WAIT YOU CAN SAVE 10.00 NOW BY USING CODE ello_betty10
  4. I have been receiving the Decocrated box for some time. We had a fire so I can’t show you an example but you really could use some of the pieces all year round. This really helps when it comes to packing up items as some of them can be simply left on display. Decocrated includes 2-3 interchangeable items per box. This ensures that you can get the maximum usage out of each piece. 
  5. I have been a member of so many subscription boxes throughout the years. Why Decocrated is different is the fact that you don’t have to worry much about the color of the items in the box. They do lots of research to make sure that we match what is in stores at the time so that you can buy complementing decor. Also, the fun of this subscription is trying new things. 
  6. The sixth reason that I find Decocrated the best out there is that even though others might be getting your box it is still all about your style. All of their boxes I have gotten so far have always complimented our home with little or no effort. 
  7. FREE GIFT: When you decided to subscribe you actually get a free gift and unfortunately I can’t show you an image because mine again was in the fire, but you receive a little frame which you can display your new Decocrated featured artist print or artwork. 
  8. My last reason is a personal one and why I will always stick by this amazing company. I am not one to ask for help but decocrated have helped me greatly after our family lost our home to a fire. Everything was gone! I didn’t email them but they did email me. Any company that would be as amazing as this is “good people” in my book. They have offered to send me the boxes that I received that we lost. 

Below you will see everything that was included in the fall 2019 box!!!

I do hope that you take advantage of Decocrated and check out what they have to offer. I enjoy their boxes so much. If you adore decor as I do this is a must-have box! Make sure that you check back soon when you can see a full posting of my home and all the decor that is included. Happy Decocrating. Edit

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