The Benefits Of Organic Gardening

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Organic gardening is becoming increasingly popular in the US and throughout the world, due to the wealth of benefits, it possesses to our health. There is nothing more important than looking after your body and being healthy, and by eating organic foods you can take a great step towards doing so. This blog post will reveal the benefits organic gardening has and how it can help us lead a healthier lifestyle.

The Benefits Of Organic Gardening


By growing your own food through organic gardening you do not expose yourself to the pesticides, hormones and other toxic chemicals that are used on mass-produced foods. These chemicals are harmful and have been linked to some serious health problems. When you buy foods in supermarkets and grocery stores, you have no idea what pesticides have been used on them, and thus by growing your own you are protecting yourself and being healthier.

In addition to this, organic gardening is also healthier because the food you produce yourself has far more nutrients in it then food bought in shops. In fact, a study conducted by WSU researchers showed that organic foods tend to contain more nutrients than non-organic foods in eight out of 11 nutrients studied.

A further point to note, which many fail to take into account, is that organic gardening is also healthy because the act itself is a form of exercise. When you are planting the seeds to grow your food you are burning calories and as everyone knows; exercise is vital to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, organic gardening does not only provide benefits to our health but it is extremely cost-efficient. Organic foods are very expensive to buy from supermarkets and thus it is far cheaper to grow your own. In fact, organic gardening is cheaper than buying your foods and groceries from the supermarket in general, as the trees you plant will produce fruit and vegetables year after year. However, you do need to keep on top of garden pests to ensure this is the case. Have a company like Economy Exterminators on hand as soon as you notice any of the signs that you have someone unwelcome living in your garden.

All in all, organic gardening provides an array of benefits which are waiting there for you to take advantage of. The importance of staying healthy and looking after oneself is something which cannot be underestimated. Organic gardening is one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only this but as mentioned, it will save you some hard earned cash in the process too. Oh… and of course, you never know, you might actually enjoy it!


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