The Bathroom Design Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

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You probably don’t realize this, but you spend loads of time in your bathroom. It’s a room you’re in every day, and you can spend over an hour in there when taking a long bath or having a shower. So, don’t you think it deserves a lot of care and attention to ensure the design is perfect?! I certainly do, and here are some fantastic design hacks that will change your bathroom experience forever:

Heating under the tiles

Is there anything worse than stepping out of a warm shower or bath and feeling the cold tiles underneath you. Even with a towel or mat down, you still feel the cold. A conventional heater doesn’t do a fantastic job of keeping the bathroom warm, but heating under the tiles will change things forever. Underfloor heating means your bathroom tiles are nice and toasty when you step onto them. It warms the whole room more efficiently, meaning there’s never the horrible experience of going from a warm shower to a cold room!

Designer extractor fan

The extractor fan is such a vital part of your bathroom design. Some people don’t even bother with it, which is an immediate mistake! With a fan, you can suck up all the moisture in the air, preventing condensation around the bathroom. This tops mold from forming, but it also stops the annoyance of a fogged up mirror after every shower! So, you can still look at yourself afterward and do your makeup without needing to wipe away the condensation every two minutes. As a bonus, you can get designer fans that add an extra aesthetic element to your bathroom as well. Some are dazzling chrome installations equipped with the latest fan technology to keep condensation at bay.

Water softener installation

When assessing the design of your bathroom, you need to turn your attention to the faucets and shower head. Here, most people miss out on one critical design aspect; water softeners! There are companies out there like Second Opinion Plumbing that can install something in your shower head/faucet to filter out hard water. This prevents things like calcium deposits or other bits and pieces making it through your water. If you live in a hard water area and often have your shower ruined by these strange things coming through, then this is such an awesome design feature that will change your life!

Groutless shower tiles

I would say the worst thing about bathroom maintenance is cleaning the grout between your tiles. This is where so much dirt can accumulate and almost fix itself into the grout. It becomes impossible to get rid of, meaning you have to call in professional companies to do it for you. But, with groutless shower tiles, you can install things with no grout at all. This is revolutionary as it means you can keep your bathroom tiles so clean!! Mold and dirt are distant memories as your bathroom remains in peak condition forever more.

Give these hacks a try if you want to design a more practical and appealing bathroom. Believe me, the experience you have in this room will be changed forever!

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