The #1 Amazon Echo Alternative: FABRIQ Chorus

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Through my life, I have tried many speakers. Some have been good, some have been amazing, and others have far exceeded my expectations. The FABRIQ Chorus is one of those speakers that far surpasses what I could have thought. I will be the first one to admit that when I get an email about a speaker, I really think about what is setting this apart and it has been a while since I have found one that really piques my interest. 

My father has an Amazon Echo, I have tried a Google home, but the FABRIQ Chorus, in my opinion, offers much more than just another speaker. What I love most about this amazing speaker is that it is customizable with different patterns on the outside vs. the standard black. I can’t tell you how many speakers I have had that sounded wonderful but just did not go with anything in my home. 

When I think of a voice-activated home speaker, I want it to fit its surroundings and be able to show my personal style! The FABRIQ Chorus does just that by allowing you to choose from so many different patterns and colors. Included in your new Chorus, you will find a rechargeable base which I think makes this a HUGE upgrade when it comes to the Amazon Echo and most other speakers out there. Simply, streamline and stunning all around.

Having a rechargeable base means that you don’t have to constantly worry about losing power. The Chorus base charger can hold up to six hours with of charging so there is no need to run around looking for an outlet.

You can connect up to 10 Chorus units throughout your home so you can create a whole house music system, but at a more affordable cost than say a SONOS. Every unit is Alexa-enabled, and the patterns speak for themselves. You could really arrange your speakers all around the home and have them compliment the room that they are in then having just a standard black speaker. 

So we know that I love the patterns and colors, that it can be connected to 10 Chorus units, and that it is Amazon Alexa and Bluetooth functionality, but what about the sound, right? This speaker packs 2.0-inch full-range drivers and a 2.0 passive radiator, which gives you AMAZING bass response for the size of the speaker, which I must add that it is perfectly sized. 

Highlights of the FABRIQ Chorus 

  • Amazing colors and patterns to fit any decor 
  • Rechargeable Base, so you don’t have to run around looking for a plug if you want to travel with the Chorus 
  • Better Quality Sound, in my opinion by far when it comes to the Amazon Echo

I would highly recommend checking out the FABRIQ Chorus as I do feel that it is the better option when it comes to the Amazon Echo. The huge advantage of the Chorus is that you can simply pick it up off the rechargeable base and take it with you. You can find the FABRIQ Chorus at Target and Amazon. You can also check out their online website for more information. 


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