Sun’s Out – Let’s Get Cleaning!

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There’s no denying it, after what was for many of us a tough winter summer has finally arrived. With the rise in temperatures, so too (at least we hope so), the motivation to get things done, get back into shape, and go on vacation reaches fever pitch. (Intended).

But before you do all those things and we highly recommend that you do, summer is also the perfect season to bring your home back into the kind of shape that causes those jealous stares in your nearest and dearest.

Here’s how.

As with all things worth doing well, it is well worth it to create a project plan for yourself before undertaking any work. Identifying what your home most needs versus your available resources is probably the best place to start. We all have those “nice to haves” but if money is an important consideration then it’s more important to prioritize work that could have a potential health and safety impact against work that is purely cosmetic. You can always get to the “nice stuff” later as a reward and as a bonus, when you sell one day your bank balance will thank you.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most critical areas to focus on.


Start with what you’re likely to be making use of the most this summer – your air conditioning. For many American homes, our air conditioning systems are closely linked to our heating systems. As many of us are unlikely to be experts in this area it’s probably well worth it to call in the experts on HVAC cleaning and restoration.


Shower heads, bathroom drains, and taps, get your chimney cleaned (if you have one), clean the baseboards of your home, and give your windows a thorough once over. If you have an attic or a basement now is the time to get well and truly busy. We all know that summer flies by before you’ve even managed a decent base coat (on you – never mind your house), so prioritize the tasks you like the least and get them out of the way.


If you have outside decks and porches then it’s time to check these for any damage that might have been caused by snow and ice or stormy conditions. We often neglect to do this until that one delightful summer’s day that someone’s foot becomes the lucky albeit unknowing quality auditor.

Avoid potential nasty accidents and even greater damage by taking some time to inspect all outside additions to your home.  While you’re at it check to see if you see any cracks in the brickwork of your property or if there are obvious signs of sagging.

Check for outdoor leaks by checking all of your faucets outdoors, while you’re busy with that also check your hoses for leaks and connectors for fittings. An inordinate amount of water is lost every year due to incorrectly fitting gardening equipment or damaged hoses and pipes. That leads to massive increases in your expenditure, so it pays to get these tasks done before your summer gardening begins.

…and speaking of


If you were a little lazy in the springtime, that’s OK – we get it, but there’s no need to worry because there are still tons of options for summertime gardening that will transform your winter-weary garden into a lush escape for those all too important outdoor dinners and BBQs.


There are many tasks that you should complete monthly to ensure that your standards remain up to scratch and on point. Create a list, prioritize – and stick to it! The temptation to put it off is a habit you don’t want to inherit.


Sprucing up your home is something that all inhabitants can get involved with, and if you have a tiny human or two in your tribe then allowing them do their part is the start to instilling healthy levels of responsibility and is a pretty neat way to bond.

Your home is where you create your best memories and where you’ll create a substantial addition to your future wealth. So making sure that you take the best possible care of your property isn’t just the right thing to do it’s a financially sound thing to do as well. 

Know your limits. If you’re not a naturally gifted plumber or technically-minded person then you’ll do yourself a big favor by hiring the experts.

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