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Summer Safety Tips For Dogs & Help Stay Hydrated With Aqua Dog

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This posting is sponsored by Aqua Dog . We did receive this product free of charge for our honest review. All opinions and images are our own.

As the summer starts to heat up you don’t want to find yourself out and about on one hot summer day and unable to give your pet a drink. Sure it is easy to just pour a bit of water from your water bottle into your hand and have your dog or dogs slop it up, but there is a much easier way. It is called Aqua Dog, and it has to be the best invention for a pup.

I do everything with my dogs. They come with me everywhere I go including when we go into town or just for a long walk in the mountains. I am always looking for great ways to carry and give my dogs water, and this is perfect. So what is it?

It is simply a water bottle with a neat little bowl on the top for the dog to easily drink water from. Flowing from the straw that reaches the bottom of the bottle so that when you squeeze the bottle, it brings water into the bowl. How cool right?

One thing that really is neat about the Aqua Dog is that the dirty water in the bowl will not go back into the bottle. I don’t know about you, but my dogs have sloppy mouths (sometimes I call Ike “River Mouth.” He gets water and dirt everywhere.

I just adore this little bottle, and it is perfect for in the car as well. It easily fits into the cup holders which is a huge plus. It is also BPA free and holds 18oz. I have two dogs, so I always make sure that I have fresh water to refill or a clean water source.

In all, I think this is a great addition to your doggie days this summer because it is so handy. Head on over to Aqua Dog site and learn more but now let’s talk about some summer safety tips.

Summer Safety Tips

During the summer months, you really need to beware of your pet’s environment and make sure that they are comfortable. I have put together a couple of tips to help you beat the heat and along with the Aqua Dog you and your fur baby will conquer the summer together.

  1. The first and to me most important tip is to stay hydrated!!! You and your pet. This is a lifesaver but do you know what to look for when it comes to a heatstroke in dogs? I wanted to share with you some signs of heatstroke so that you can be more aware. Always have fresh, clean water available for them no matter where they are. Using the Aqua Dog, you can keep some with you at all times.       A dog suffering from heatstroke will display several signs:
    • Rapid panting
    • Bright red tongue
    • Red or pale gums
    • Thick, sticky saliva
    • Depression
    • Weakness
    • Dizziness
    • Vomiting – sometimes with blood
    • Diarrhea
    • Shock
    • Coma
  2. Something that I never realized, bad mommy is how sensitive my dog’s paws are!! It is a good idea to either put booties on your dog’s paws or avoid concrete, wood, stone, metal and sand. 
  3. One thing that you can do to beat the heat this summer is wait until cooler hours. I usually take my dogs for their long walk after the sun sets over the mountain. This is the coolest time of the day. Not only will your dog enjoy their walk much better but so will you.
  4. My dogs love to spend the day lounging outside, but I still keep a good eye on them. Ricky is the worst for this habit. He will lay in the sun all day long if I let him. He just loves the heat then he gets sick. I have found that if I provide a couple of different areas around the yard that have shade, he will use them. I make a little retreat. I have a water bowl in each area and a little place for him to lay.

I do hope that these little tips help you out this summer and take a chance to check out Aqua dog. Ike just finds it fascinating it is funny. Both dogs enjoy having clean water at the ready when they need it. Till later my friends stay caffeinated.


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