Summer Charcuterie Board (Sweets Baby)

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So you might have seen my last posting about Smart Summer Snacks and today I wanted to put everything together for you in a charcuterie board using not only smart healthy snacks but a bit on the “just give it to me” snacks. This board came out so well and has a bit of something for everyone.

One thing that I did omit on this board was meats, because well, I don’t eat meat so. yeah……

My husband and I actually made this board while to enjoy the new Black Widow movie, which we loved!

You can easily add meat to this board or omit what ever you would like.

What I used On My Summer Charcuterie Board

I just had a small board and since for this board I wanted a little bit of everything, I literally put everything my husband and I love. It is a bit unconventional but hey, we are unconventional ourselves.

To start the Matzo project is freaking amazing! My favorite of course is the Cinnamon and Sugar but my husband adores the Everything. These aren’t your grandmas Matzo that is for sure. These taste so amazing on their own. I added the Cinnamon and Sugar Chips and Minis to my little board. Perfect!

The second thing that I added was the ALTBoard. These colors are amazing and the candy is so good. This is our little cheat right here and I enjoy the bright colors.

The second thing I added was the That’s It. I actually took the mini bars and cut them in half. This works very well if you are making a smaller board like myself. I also used their Crunchables.

The last thing of course I had to add was the Zespri Sungold Kiwi! This finishes off the board so well. I just keep thinking how beautiful these are and they are so sweet!

I do hope that you check out all of these brands and brake into making your own movie night so much fun!

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