Stop Brushing Away The Downside of Redecorating Before Selling

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Too often, we convince ourselves that the only possible way to sell a property is to redecorate. Few things are better for sprucing up a tired home, after all, and we all know that interior appearances matter far more than they should for creating initial appeal. 

The trouble is that, as many experts will tell you, redecorating just before you move is problematic for various reasons. Not only will a task like this take substantial time but, more importantly, redecoration does nothing to impact home value. As such, this undertaking will be expensive in every respect and doesn’t even guarantee any returns.

Still, no one can deny that a tired or poorly conditioned interior could prevent buyers from ever parting with that all-important offer. This could see you stuck in a property you’re not happy with and is something you’ll want to avoid at all costs. 

Luckily, total redecoration might not be the only way to achieve that goal, after all. To prove it, we’re going to look at some much cheaper and easier to manage transformation options which could provide you with the edge your home needs to push through. 

# 1 – Clean things up a little

Ultimately, redecoration brings the significant benefit of making everything look clean and fresh for when people view your home. But, guess what else can achieve that goal? Actually cleaning, of course! By keeping your home sparkling every time someone visits, you can achieve all those redecorating benefits for far less cost. The simple act of wiping everything down could, in itself, make a massive difference. Even if you need professional carpet cleaning and the like from companies such as All Pro Chem-Dry, you can bet this option is still going to save you a fortune. Not to mention that a quick clean won’t take anywhere near as long to complete as a total redecoration overhaul. 

# 2 – Detract from problem areas

In some cases, redecoration can be a fantastic way to cover up problem areas like holes in walls or chips in skirting boards, but, again, it isn’t your only option. In truth, there are plenty of easier ways to detract from problem areas like these, and any one of them should be within much faster reach than a total repaint. Something as simple as incorporating central focuses like paintings and mirrors in an entirely different area could work wonders, as could placing furniture at just the right angle to draw the eye away. While you will want to be honest about significant issues such as damp that are likely to come out on the survey, there’s nothing wrong with drawing the focus away from small niggles which could end up costing you an offer early on. 

# 3 – Transform using furniture/accessories

While decoration plays an undeniably large part in the setup and overall appearances of any room, it isn’t the leading contender for impressing at all times. That accolade goes to your furniture and accessory choices which, ultimately, are the central focus of your decor efforts. Ironically, while these additions won’t be in the property once a sale is complete, you’d be amazed by how much well-placed accessories can transform those vital first impressions. Even better, additions like these have the substantial benefit of being investments that you can take with you when you go. Something that, sadly, you can’t say about even expensive decoration efforts. As such, a focus here is far preferable to the alternative and could be as effective, if not more so.

# 4 – Declutter

With minimalist trends continuing to sweep the nation, many of us are still in love with paired back decor and the crisp neatness it can bring. In fact, potential homebuyers who spend a lot of time browsing on sites like Pinterest will almost exclusively offer on homes like these. Hence why our next pointer is to take a little time to declutter ahead of viewings. Unlike the cleaning efforts you’ve already covered, this involves getting rid of things you don’t need and could, ultimately, make your life easier when the time to move finally comes. That’s a benefit on both counts and gets even better when you consider that this option is entirely free. Decluttering could even earn you money if you sell stuff online!

# 5 – Create the impression of space

Lastly, it pays to remember that redecorating ahead of a sale is often beneficial because it creates an impression of light, spacious surroundings. Who doesn’t want that from a home they’re considering moving into? Again, though, expensive paint isn’t your only chance to achieve this goal or even the most efficient way to enjoy those benefits. To get that right, you simply need to consider basic staging pointers, such as leaving all doors open during a viewing, and utilizing natural light wherever you can. Pinning back curtains and opening windows could, in itself, prove as transformative as fresh white paint on your walls. If you have a great view to go along with it, you could even find that this option is more efficient for sealing a deal. And, again, you needn’t spend anything to achieve it. You needn’t even put all that much effort into this undertaking to feel its benefits! 

A final word

As you can see from the points discussed, the experts don’t lie when they say that there’s no need to redecorate a property totally before selling. In fact, given that most homeowners will repaint those walls the moment they move in anyway, there’s simply no point in embarking on such an extreme undertaking right now. Instead, implement the above pointers for a home that looks better at every viewing without half as much work. In some cases, these staging tips could even see you with some fantastic accessories or additional funds to carry over with you when moving day finally rolls around. A benefit you most definitely can’t say when you only have empty tins of paint for your efforts!

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