Sprinkle Filled Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream Frosting

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Here at Hello Betty, we adore sharing amazing cupcake creations because, well, we just love cupcakes! As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches I wanted to share this super cute, yet easy Valentine’s Day Surprise Cupcakes. These are perfect for entertaining or even for the kiddos to share with their friends this Valentine’s day!

Sprinkle Filled Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream Frosting

When I say these are super easy to make, I mean it. You can make this with your favorite homemade cake recipe or simply head to your favorite box. We used Strawberry mix for the cupcake itself.

Once you have baked your cupcakes you will want them to cool completely. Using a simple knife you will cut out the center of the cupcake. Make sure to leave a bit at the bottom and not cut the entire way through.

Simply fill the cupcake center with sprinkles! Lastly, you will want to add your Strawberry Buttercream frosting! This gives these the finishing touch. Below you will find the entire recipe for the frosting and I do hope that you try it because you will fall in love! We used Strawberry preserves in ours.

If you try this recipe make sure to tag me on social media! I would love to see. Till next time happy baking my friends.

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