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Another year is here, and it is time to think about adding items to your home. Each year I take time to look around the web for different design ideas and this year it is time for me to update the items in my office. Since my husband and I built my office, I have never removed anything from the walls. The same two pictures always look down on me, which my dad painted. Lucy and Ricky are my pride and joy. They are my fur babies, but I have decided to move these into the living room which leaves me with a blank canvas so to speak.

When it comes to my areas of the home that I have complete and total freedom over (my office being one of them) I love to add bright and colorful items to the walls. Something that makes me smile and reminds me of what I enjoy. Recently, Bites Reviews received a little facelift (much needed), and I thought why not add a bit of Bite to my office.

One brilliant way to easily recreate a room is to add art to the walls and one place you might find the perfect piece is PIXERS. I was contacted last December to check out one of their pieces, and I must say that I was a bit up in the air on how these would come out. Boy, was I wrong! It did not take long at all to receive the print, Biting Her Lips Pop Art.

This fit in perfectly as a piece that I was looking for and the quality is super nice. The package itself was wrapped with care, and you can really tell that PIXERS really wants the piece to be received nicely. Once everything was unwrapped all I had to do was hang this baby up. The hangers were already attached to the back of the piece itself.

I just love the way this turned out and using PIXERS was super easy to add a bit of color to my room. If you are looking to add hints of color to your office or home in general here are a couple of rules that I always follow.

Tips On How To Bring Pops OF Color To Any Room

  1. Always make sure that you pay close attention to the size of the piece vs. the size of the room. I enjoy overly large art on my walls, but if you go too big, it will be overwhelming.
  2. Look at color patterns already in the room. Do you see a pattern? If you do try to stick with that color or shades of that color. This will help your room to flow.
  3. If you don’t want to commit to hanging art on your walls a great way to prop up art while sitting on the floor. Not only is this trendy but it helps to keep your walls free of clutter when you are not ready to commit.
  4. Many people follow the 60-30-10. Meaning you will have 60 percent of a dominant color, 30% of a secondary and 10% of an accent color. This allows you to add different colors into the room. I do use this standard, but I also use different variants of the color.
  5. Always allow room for the things and colors you love. Make sure to think about the items that you love and what colors they might have in them. This will allow you to be more versatile when adding different pops of color.

If you are looking for something a bit more colorful, you could always add a mural to an accent wall. PIXERS offers a huge selection of vibrant colors and styles.

Super cool right? I would certainly suggest checking out PIXERS, not only because they offer a huge selection of products, but the quality is very nice. Make sure to also take advantage of their sales as an example right now they are offering 40% till January 23, 2017.

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