Spa Girls Quarantini Special: Live it up while in Quarantine

by Betty Bite

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Can you believe that most of us are still in lockdown. Wowza! I just can’t hardly believe it myself. Today I wanted to share with you the Quarantini special from Spa Girls, which I must say is totally amazingly perfect for what is going on.

California-based Spa Girl Cocktailsa 100% plant-based, better-for-you, premium vodka cocktail brand, is encouraging consumers to drink cleaner. Crafted with clean ingredients, innovative flavors, and infusions, Spa Girl Cocktails has the lowest calorie (only 48 calories per serving), sugar, and carb count on the market today yet still delivers the highest proof ready-to-drink cocktails.

No artificial sweeteners or colors, gluten-free, vegan, with natural, delicious flavors. Right now, Spa Girl Cocktails is offering a Quarantini Package.

Say goodbye to complicated recipes, expensive mixers, and sugary. Drink Spa Girl Cocktails on the rocks or use it to make a tasty Summer Peach Quencher, Rose Water Martini, Raspberry Prosecco, Watermelon Mintini, or Jalapeno Pear Spritz for those who like a little heat. 

Simply ‘pop and pour’ with Spa Girls brand new single serve cocktails. The 200ML come in peach, pear and cucumber flavors. 

To learn more about Spa Girl Cocktails and get inspired with their clean cocktail recipes, visit: in major retailers nationwide and on

How cool is that! Recently, we finally made it home and I come inside to find this amazing package of Spa Girl goodies to share with you. I am totally loving the brand and can’t say it enough.

Me trying to hand you one through my blog post….lol….

Facts About Spa Girl:

  • Premium vodka distilled 6x              
  • Plant-based
  • Low calorie                                                        
  • Low sugar                                                        
  • Low carb
  • Vegan 
  • Gluten-free                                                    
  • Nothing artificial
  • Perfect 33 proof                                                 
  • 48 calories per serving

I do hope that you jump on over and check out the Quarantini Package! Get this for yourself or brighten someones day. Cheers my friends.

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