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So, You’ve Got A New House, Now What?

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Moving into a new home is an occasion that’s always worth celebrating. However, let’s not assume that the work is over just because we’ve got the keys and we’ve unpacked. There could still be a lot of work to do to make sure that everything is as it should be. Here’s a quick list to get you started.

A New House

Check the plumbing (and the roof)

The first step is to make sure you’re not likely to wake up to a massive puddle or damp spot after you turn the water on. Give it a test run and look through the home to see any signs of leaking. At some point, call out a plumber to take a closer look. Check for any signs of leaking from the roof, as well. The sooner you cut the risk of water damage, the less expensive it will be for you.

Start taking care of the utilities

Your HVAC, electronics, and the internet are all crucial to comfortable, modern living. WIth the internet, you just need to get hooked up. With the other utilities, however, you need to start the routine service schedule now, and arrange for pre-emptive checks to make sure there are no issues. Get in touch with electrical contractor services and an HVAC specialist ASAP. It’s not worth the risk of letting faulty electricals go unnoticed.

Check for air leaks

Take the time to inspect the windows and doors that lead to the outdoors. Run your finger or a small piece of paper around the edges. If you can feel the wind or the paper starts blowing, then you need to look at ways to draft proof your house. You don’t want to go through winter with that draft lurking in the back of your mind.

Set up the security

Regardless of what the previous owner says about where the keys are, you should change your locks immediately on any new house that you move into. It’s common sense, since you can’t verify that there are no extra copies out there. Find your local locksmith ASAP. Otherwise, start considering any other security systems, be they CCTV, alarm systems, or otherwise, you should fit into the house.

Plan the jobs ahead

Don’t start planning for any remodels or major DIY projects just yet. Give the house a couple of weeks to settle with new people living in it, and any hidden issues should make themselves clear and present. For now, just take note of the little fixes and improvements you want to make with your handy to-do list. You never know when something more crucial might pop up and you don’t want to have to abandon a DIY project in the works to leave it unfinished while you deal with more important tasks.

Be mindful that the home may need a little help getting that standard you demand, but don’t let it stress you too much. There’s plenty of time to sort out all the little odds and ends holding it back from perfection. All you need is a plan and a little elbow grease.


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