SmartBox: Snack Intelligently

by Betty Bite

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Ello, everyone! I hope that you are having a wonderful day? As we all gear for the fall season and the unknown of how the virus will affect our lives going forward I wanted to share with you SmartBox. No matter if your kids are heading back to school or will be homeschooled this year, SmartBox has you covered.


One thing that everyone loves in life is snacks. I think not only is it comforting but also can be used as a bit of a pick me up during the day. Snacking Intelligently is important for kids so that they can make the right choices moving forward in life.


SmartBox is a subscription box that sends you amazing snacks for your family to enjoy. Snack box that can be customized for different dietary needs, including Gluten-Free, Fitness, Keto, and Vegan.

All snacks are all-natural and free of artificial preservatives and flavors and are a great dorm room essential or for distance learning. (One-time or gift orders are also available)


I was able to check out SmartBox and I must admit that I was impressed with what they included. All of the snacks are companies that we have all heard of and the variety is amazing. There is literally something for everyone in this box.


For me, this subscription box is a win-win all around. The pricing of the box is perfect and the variety really makes this box fun for kids who enjoy trying amazing new products they might not have had. Not to mention, this is a great way to get your kids loving snacks that are on the healthier side of the spectrum.

SmartBox is committed to providing a flexible variety of fun, healthy choices for our customers. Our products adhere to simple criteria of all-natural ingredients. Every product you find in SmartBox Vending, GoMarket, and Express fits this philosophy. We also recognize dietary needs are important, so we carry plenty of Gluten-free, Vegan, Organic and Non-GMO options. We know good taste is really important, so we keep a wide range of delicious products!

Subscription boxes are always a HUGE hit for anyone and I do hope that you check out SmartBox and their entire lineup. BUT……Don’t forget this box is just not for your kids but you as well can chow down on some goodies.

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