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Smart Snacks For The Summer

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If you are like me, I adore snacking. One thing that I have been focused on is snacking better this summer. Today I wanted to share with you some smart snacks for the summer season. These snacks can all be found in store or online, and are so yummy. So let’s get the snacking started.

Smart Snacks For The Summer: Our Favorites

The first snack that has come in at my number one is the Zespri SunGold Kiwis. I have totally fallen in love with these amazing little “buddies” as I call them. These juicy bright yellow kiwis are sweeter than green kiwis and don’t have that same fuzzy skin, so you can bite right in! 

These juicy, bright yellow kiwis are vitamin c-licious and offer an unexpected, sweet tropical flavor experience unlike any other fruit. Just in time for summer, Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit is now back in season and available nationwide!

These really can be used in anything from smoothies, to cocktails and they make the most amazing popsicles. Don’t get me wrong, I love kiwis as well but I just think that these have a lot more use than kiwis dues to that you really don’t have to peel them, just bite on into the juicy goodness.

I must say that this is just not a snack but you also can use if for all sorts of amazing recipes that you can find on the Zespri website. I decided to try out the BACON LETTUCE AND KIWIFRUIT SANDWICHES . It was so freaking yummy!! Even my husband ate one so that is saying a lot.

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What I did with mine that really goes well together is I used my Vitamin Water (lemonade) and added the Zespri SunGold Kiwis. Wow! This made a dreamy combo.

Another amazing addition to your summer snacking is the That’s It.

Eating healthy should never be complicated. That’s it. is dedicated to making delicious, convenient, plant-based super snacks from only the purest ingredients, and completely free from the top 12 allergens. Since 2012, That’s it. has been innovating the natural food category with its portfolio of simple and nutritious snacks, made from real, whole foods. They transparently make snacks without secrets, with all items containing five ingredients or less. Our flagship Fruit Bars, now the #1 fruit bar in America, contains only two ingredients: fruit + fruit. That’s it. 

That’s it. offers a broad range of on-the-go snacks, using only natural, non-GMO, preservative-free and allergen-free ingredients, and with no added purees, juices or concentrates. All products are kosher-certified, plant-based, and gluten-free. Today, the That’s it. portfolio includes: Fruit Bars, Mini Fruit Bars, Probiotic Fruit Bars, Mini Probiotic Fruit Bars, Truffles, and Crunchables. You can find That’s it. nationwide at your local Starbucks, at major retailers such as: Target, Whole Foods, Costco, 7-Eleven, Walmart, VONS, CVS and Kroger, and online at Amazon and

I am in love with these bars in fact I purchase them myself when we are on the road because it is the perfect snack. If you really want to up your game this is it. They are so tasty. My favorite would hav to be the apples and blueberries mini fruit bar.

Out of everything that I have tasted this summer when it comes to healthy snacking these two fit the bill and I know you all will just love them. I do have some summer snacks that I will be sharing a charcuterie board soon. I will also be using these products as well. This will be the ultimate summer entertaining charcuterie board. Be on the lookout this week. It’s so freaking cute.


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