A Smart Desktop Solution: Evapolar

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I will not lie. Being able to work from home is amazing, and I truly love it! Being able to manage my day and still taking care of all my household needs is a huge bonus in life that did not come easy. Shoot, it’s still not easy, but I do it. I used to have a 9-5 job, and I did like what I did. One thing that I can always remember when I was the assistant manager at an apartment complex was how hot the office would get in the summer even with the AC on. When you work in an environment where people are constantly opening and closing the doors, it is utterly impossible to stay cool. Even in my office at home, which is the main door that we use in and out of the house, I struggle to keep it cool. This is where Evapolar comes in handy.

What Is Evapolar?

Simply put Evapolar is a personal microclimate which has many benefits to the user. Firstly, it cools the air, but please do understand that this will not cool the entire room. Evapolaris is intended to make your area it states on their website about 30-45 feet which in my opinion is a good sized area when it comes to a workspace. How much it decreases the temperature really depends on two factors air humidity, and temperature. You can see a full table here.

We have actually already had a couple of warm days here in the mountains, so I turned on the Evapolar to see just how it did. I was impressed with how much it cooled around my workspace. In fact, and this is saying a lot, my husband came in and said: “man it feels nice in here.” Mr. Bite can’t stand the heat so for this little unit to really get the attention of my husband, yup…it’s a keeper.

Not only can it cool your workspace but it also humidifies the air and purifies the air. I can’t tell you how much I love these two features. Since I find myself in my office regularly, I can really use any help I can get when it comes to humidity and the fact that it also contributes to purify the air is a huge bonus!!

The LOOKS Factor?

Ok. So you know what the Evapolar can do but how does it look right? I mean come on you don’t want some fugly unit sitting on your nice clean desk? The Evapolar is beautiful and modern all rolled up in a gummy bear. I received the white unit which I think is stunning and would go with many different decors but the Evapolar also comes in black as well.

To make this baby a bit better let’s add some mood lighting. The water container actually lights up, and you can change the different colors as well. Having a bright, beautiful day use blue. Want to tell your co-workers to stay away from use red?! Just a thought. I think this adds a great touch to this machine.

Using The Evapolar

Using your new Evapolar is super simple that even I had no problems using it and that is saying a lot. Simply plug in the mini USB to the wall charger or a powerpack. Next, fill your water tank and use the dial control on the top of the unit. You can see the air that is going into the Evapolar as well as the temperature of the air coming out. Super cool feature. You can also use this to get into the menu to change your mood color 🙂

Simple as that!!!!

I really think that Evapolar is an excellent tool for the upcoming summer months to create your own microclimate in either an office or your own home office. Not only does it function perfectly and easy to use but it is also easy on the eyes. You can purchase this product online for $179.99 in either the white, black, or blue colors. I do hope that you check this out because it really is a great piece of tech and user-friendly.

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