Sink Side Gift Box From Beessential

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I just adore soaps, cream and well, anything that smells good! That is why the Beessential Sink Side Box is hitting our holiday guide coming soon. I just wanted to do a feature because I am in total love with this box. In fact, I actually have to stop washing my hands so much because I am going to run out of this amazing stuff.

What is super cool about Beessential is that they are a family of beekeepers from Cleveland who make natural personal care products using their honey, beeswax, and propolis. Don’t you just love small companies that make amazing products? I know I do.

Let me show you what is inside of the Sink Side Gift Box. This box is totally customizable which I adore. You can pick the scents for both the foaming hand soap as well as the hand and body cream. They offer amazing scents such as the sweet orange which I am totally in love with.

I also was able to try the Lemongrass which is my husbands favorite. Let’s just say sometimes you can find us fighting over who washes their hands first…he he he.

This gift is perfect for keeping your hands perfectly soft and supple. Even though our foaming soap is the most moisturizing you will find, the added benefit of our hand cream is the perfect ending to your hand cleaning regiment.

I swear I have never had softer hands in my life. I have tried a ton of different soaps but nothing comes close to the Beessential products. Honestly, I can’t wait to try out more of their products, as they are already on my Christmas list this year.

If you are thinking about gifting these they come in a super cute gift box. No wrapping needed really! LOVE that! Send it to a friend or a loved one who will appreciate beautiful hand soap that will keep their hands clean and moisturized.

You can find all of their gift sets here and the Sink Side Gift Box here. I do hope that you check these out. I know it is right on top of my list this year.

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