Signs Your Kitchen Needs A Refurb

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Thinking of renovating your kitchen? Refurbishing a kitchen can be expensive, so you want to be certain that it’s worth the added benefits. Here are just a few signs that it could be time to update your kitchen.

Lack of space

Is your kitchen too cramped to cook in? Or perhaps you’re running out of space to store necessary utensils? If either is true then a kitchen renovation could be necessary. If you can’t extend your kitchen, consider whether there are ways of rearranging it to make it more practical. There could be empty walls that can be used to place extra cabinets or shelves or appliances that can be moved to other rooms such as freezers.

Stains that won’t shift

It’s possible that countertops or flooring may have marks that cannot be scrubbed away. This could be a sign of permanent damage that could warrant a replacement. You could take the chance to replace them with some shiny new laminated worktops and flooring. Another instance could be tapped that have become corroded by limescale. Installing a new kitchen tap such as this Moen Sleek faucet could be the best option if your crusty taps cannot be fixed. Make sure that cleaning/repairing definitely isn’t an option first – you don’t want to throw away a perfectly good countertop that may have just required some elbow grease to clean.

Ancient appliances

If you’ve got appliances in your home that are well over a decade old, consider whether it could be time to update them. These old appliances could be on their way out (if you’ve already had to repair them and have noticed other faults it could be a clear sign that they’ve reached the end of their life). Older appliances could also be guzzling unnecessary energy – upgrading to a new refrigerator or oven could save you huge money in energy bills.

Poor lighting

Poor lighting could make your kitchen feel gloomy and could make it harder to see what you’re doing when preparing meals. This could be another good reason to renovate your kitchen. You may be able to wire in spot lighting or track lighting to help illuminate your kitchen. There may even be the option of adding a skylight in order to allow natural light to flood in. Houzz offers a few great tips on how to brighten up a dark kitchen.

Ugly décor

Perhaps the décor in your kitchen is simply ugly. There could be strange paint schemes or patterned linoleum left over from a previous owner. By adding décor that is more to your taste, you could feel that your kitchen is truly yours and it could become a place that you want to hang out. Just be wary of replacing it with equally controversial décor – if you ever plan to sell your home, unique tastes in décor could deter buyers and affect the value. 

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