Seven Tips to Survive Building A New Kitchen

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Having a new kitchen is always exciting, but living through building work is never an easy thing to do. Having your kitchen pulled apart through major upheaval is tough, with nowhere to cook properly and the house full of building dust. Here’s how to survive through a major kitchen renovation. 

  1. Set up a temporary kitchen. Move your fridge into another room and create a makeshift kitchen with your smaller appliances. The kettle, toaster, microwave and a crockpot can all be used to help you make meals while you can’t get at your oven. If you’re fans of camping, some of the portable cooking equipment you have tucked away can be used indoors to help you survive. If the weather’s good, you could use the barbecue too. Brands like Made In Cookware have great videos to inspire you even if you have different equipment available than usual.
  2. Buy disposable tableware. You can do the washing up in the bathroom or in the washing up bowl on a table, but to save the annoyance and mess, you can just buy a set of disposable plates, cups, and cutlery. This will be much simpler, and there are lots of good recyclable options available.
  3. Earn points while you eat. While your kitchen is out of action, you’re likely to eat a lot of takeout food, or out in restaurants. With smartphone apps, there are ways to earn loyalty points through schemes like Ritual and Open Table. You can use these points to fund meals later on in, so you’ll save a bit later after the expense of all those takeaways. 
  4. Take time over the decisions. There’ll be a lot of decisions to make during a renovation, especially if you’re building an extension. Make sure you understand all the choices you asked to make, whether you’re picking if you want a conduction hob or bifold doors. 
  5. Manage the dust. Remodeling creates a lot of dust, and it can get everywhere no matter how careful you are. Protect anything important, like art or furniture, with dust sheets or plastic sheeting, even if they’re nowhere near the kitchen. Keep your temporary kitchen as clean as you can, and cover it up when you’re not using it to keep the area free of dust. 
  6. Stay with friends. If a friend asks if there’s anything they can do to help during the renovations, ask if you can stay in their spare room for a night. Take over some food and a bottle of wine, so all they need to offer you is a bed for the night, away from the dust and noise of remodelling. The break from a building site will make you feel much calmer. 
  7. Keep the neighbors in the loop. Long, noisy renovation can strain your relationship with the neighbors. Before you start, visit them with a bottle of wine and warn them about your plans. Let them know the timelines of work and exactly what will be done. Make sure your contractors work during reasonable hours, and if the project is delayed, let the neighbors know. 

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