Sephora Just Got A Bit Better

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Sephora is my go to when I purchase makeup. I mean, come on, it is easy to just hop online and get what you need. There are times however that I want something new and it is so hard just to look at images online.  Not living near a Sephora it is hard for me to hop in the car and check everything out in person.

Beginning today, users can now virtually try on thousands of shades of single and palette eyeshadows, along with the lip colors and false eye lash styles already contained in the app, to create endless unique combinations. Sephora Virtual Artist now also offers Expert Looks to preview inspirational looks, and three new Virtual Tutorials for brows, contouring, and highlighting. Available today for download on the Sephora App for iOS, these new features for Sephora Virtual Artist are the latest in a series of digital enhancements powered by the Sephora Innovation Lab to customize the retailer’s expanding beauty experiences.

“With these additions, Sephora Virtual Artist continues to put the power and expertise of Sephora quite literally in the palm of our clients’ hands,” said Bridget Dolan, VP of Innovation at Sephora. “Since launching Sephora Virtual Artist in 2016, our clients have virtually tried on hundreds of millions of shade combinations. It gives her the freedom to choose when, where and how she wants to shop as she creates customized looks and discovers the products that are just right for her.”

Sephora Virtual Artist Eyeshadow Try On
The new Sephora Virtual Artist Eyeshadow Try On feature enables users to try on thousands of eyeshadow shades by color, brand, and finish, including each individual shade or an entire palette. With just a few taps, users can select up to three shades to place on the lid, crease, and outer corner, and instantly determine their favorite combinations. Now users can also save as many of their favorite unique looks to “My Looks” and share up to four different combinations with friends.

Sephora Virtual Artist Expert Looks
Inspiration is just one click away with this new Virtual Artist feature. Choose from seven different on-trend looks created by Sephora’s experts, including Bright Lip & Cheek, Smoky Eye, and Cut Crease. Begin by selecting a look and one of four skin tones, and have it instantly overlaid onto your own face with a 3-D live view. Share the look and shop the curated list of products to recreate the look on your own.

Sephora Virtual Artist Tutorials
Learn how to create the most advanced, trending looks with Sephora Virtual Artist’s easy to follow, step-by-step DIY virtual tutorials, including the three newest options: Brows 3-Ways, Contouring, and Highlighting. Each step within the tutorials is customized to and animated on the user’s own face using the state-of-the-art 3D Live view. Exclusive features include Split Screen, a slider that shows your face before and after the virtual makeup is applied, exclusive Pro Tips for each step in the tutorial, and a list of product recommendations to shop the look.

Sephora Virtual Artist utilizes a smartphone’s camera to precisely map the location and shape of facial features using technology developed exclusively for Sephora by ModiFace, a leader in facial visualization and skin analysis. Using a state-of-the-art 3D live view that moves with the user like a mirror, clients can virtually try on lip colors, false lashes, and now eyeshadows, full access beauty looks, and learn from step-by-step tutorials through an interactive digital overlay on their own face. Looks can be captured with photos and video and then shared socially to garner feedback from friends or emailed with product links for future reference. Products can also be saved to your “My Favorites” list or instantly added to your basket for purchase.

Sephora Virtual Artist with the new Eyeshadow Try On, Expert Looks, and Virtual Tutorials are available on the free Sephora app for iPhone and on today. Follow #VirtualArtist #InstaMakeover for more.

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