Have Fun With The Samsung Galaxy S9

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As most of you know, I am a HUGE fan of the Moto Z line, but recently I had the chance to check out the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, and I must say I am in love with the features and all the extras because I am totally a kid a heart! The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the phone that you will see in this review, and when it comes to the regular 9 and 9 plus, I would suggest going with the plus because if you research online (and I have not seen the regular 9), it is a much better phone all around.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Design is honestly, the same as the Samsung Galaxy 8, which personally I don’t mind at all. It still has a beautiful sleek look. I have always been a huge fan of the curved edges that fade into the case. I just think that it really gives it a “futuristic” look that a lot of phones have not adopted yet. Many people are worried that the 9Plus might just be too big, but I feel that it is perfect and if you use your phone as much as I do, it is simply a must for the larger screen.

Samsung Galaxy S9On the back of the phone, you will find the dual cameras, flash and fingerprint sensor. All of which look super sleek and add to the design of this phone.


The performance of this phone literally was amazing. It packs a 6GB of RAM give you the computing power to multitask quicker and more efficiently. This was more than enough for me to stay active on social media, play my game (Last Empire War Z) and keep up with emails. I had no problem getting done everything that I needed to do.

One thing that I think is cool is that you can actually use the DeX which helps you work without your laptop. Samsung DeX lets you connect your Samsung Galaxy S9+ to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse for a quick and easy way to open apps, use keyboard shortcuts and manage files on a big screen

I think the one thing that most people were so excited to try, including myself was the camera! I take a ton of pictures. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has the radical 960 FPS super slow-mo that captures up to 4 times as many frames per second so that you can literally slow down reality. Of course, the first time that I tried this out I used it on my pup LOL. Below you will find a little video of that.


The only problem that I had with the slo-mo and not everyone will is that I do have essential tremors so keeping the phone still is almost impossible, but it still works just perfectly.  There is also a Select Live Focus mode to adjust background blur and better capture your subject on the fly, and I would totally take advantage of a dual aperture f2.4-f1.5 lens that lets in just the right amount of a light, even in dark or poorly-lit conditions.

You have total control over every aspect of your image. You can Capture multiple photos in a shot to create one final image with Dual Pixel 2.0. You can also record videos in 4K UHD. A Dual Camera with OIS on both lenses lets you capture even more with less motion blur, even when you’re shooting in the dark or from a distance.

It does not stop there when it comes to other fun features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus you can also emoji yourself and give yourself a total makeover like I did in the second video. I was transformed into a rabbit 😉

Honestly, I am not totally sure how much this emoji looks like me but heck, I’ll take it.  I made a little video so that you could see the emoji better. The only thing that I did notice is that my mouth does not move correctly..lol..but still cool.


samsung s9 plus emoji yourself from Betty Bite on Vimeo.

You can also take your emoji and make a gif to share on social media. I am taking videos of these so that you can get a better image of the screen resolution.

gif with Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus from Betty Bite on Vimeo.

Cool right? In all, I must say that this phone has hit all the marks. When it comes to design, it is not much different than the Galaxy 8, but honestly, I think you will love this. I just wanted to use this posting to show you what fun you can have with this phone. I literally used this phone all day taking tons of pictures and videos to share on social media, and I didn’t have to charge once, so in my book, it is a huge WIN. If for some reason you do use your phone a lot this phone does die this phone is fast charging. I found that it was just as fast if not faster than my Moto Z.

Look for another posting going live next week when I will talk more techy about this phone. Till then, check it out on Verizon because this phone is powerful and works awesome with a  powerful network. Little side note, I will be turning in my Moto Z for this phone 😉


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