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RVing with Pets Things To Remember

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Howdy everyone and I hope that you are enjoying your week thus far. Today I wanted to chat about RVing with Pets. As most of you know my husband and I have been on the road since July and plan to keep taking little trips. Being new RV owners it has been nothing but trial and error, but I wanted to share some key points that I have found helps when RVing with dogs.

We have two beautiful baby boys, Ricky and Ike. They both have learned to love to travel as well in our new little home, but it has taken some getting used to. I wanted to share some pointers to make sure that your experience is as perfect as mine has been. Before taking my dogs on our new adventure, I searched the web looking for amazing pointers and have come up with a few of my own. Below you will find a 101 list of helpful tricks and tips when RVing with your fur baby.

  1. Always make time to spend with your dogs. Make sure to take them for walks and give them plenty of love. ❤️ As they are also out of their own environment and might just need a bit more attention. This means to make sure as well that they have plenty of exercises.
  2. Make sure to pack all the essential items including food, water, meds, and anything to make your pup feel at home. I like to bring along their dog beds and Ricky just loves traveling with his Indoor/Outdoor Bed.
  3. Make sure that your pets have all their updated shots and an updated ID tag. I can’t tell you how many times that I have been to a campground and a dog just comes wondering up with no tag at all.
  4. Keep all of your pet’s information with you at all times including his shot records. You never know when you might need to go to the vet away from home.
  5. Be alert to your surroundings. Since most RVing might be done at a campground, it is good to know your surroundings. Make sure that you stay aware of the animals around you. Most campgrounds make owners keep their pets on a leash, but some still don’t. I walked out of the RV one day and brought my boy Ricky outside with me. A dog ran up and started barking at him. Ricky going into attack mode barked back, needless to say, my old man was the one with the scratches.
  6. Be aware of rules when it comes to leaving your pets in the camper. Every place I have been we could leave ours to run to the store or get supplies. The only reason I would leave them in there was if it were just too hot to bring them. I always let my camping neighbors know before leaving that there are pets inside. You never know what can go wrong. I also have little decals for the camper alerting anyone that there are two dogs home 🙂
  7. Make sure that you are also aware of the weather. My dogs are not fond of the sound of the rain on the camper, and up in the bedroom, it is really loud on the roof. I like to make sure that the weather will be clear before hitting the road and leaving the dogs.
  8. Always make sure to check out the campsite before heading in with your animals. Most campsites do allow pets, but I would recommend using a site like to find out everything you can.

I hope these little tips and reminders can help you enjoy your rv with your dogs. Please be safe and be sure to keep your furbabies safe. Happy RVing ?


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