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RoadWarrior 4D A Duplex Mobile Color Scanner

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Organization. It is something that we all need to do more of but how do you get started? I don’t know about you but when it comes to paperwork, receipts, photos and documents I like to have everything neat and tidy. Today I wanted to share with you a small but mighty product called the RoadWarrior 4D.  A while back you might remember me doing a posting on the RoadWarrior X3, and till now I have used that scanner for all of my scanning needs.

RoadWarrior 4D Set Up

Ok. So I love things that neatly set up with no frustration and just as the RoadWarrior x3 the RoadWarrior 4D sets up quickly and with very little fuss.

The very first thing that I want to mention about the 4D is that you need to take into consideration the powering of the unit. The power cord for the 4D is a USB so if you are like me and have no USB ports what so ever (New Macbook Pro) you will have to get an adapter for this. This is a simple fix and something you should already own if you have a Macbook Pro. You can find one here.

The next thing that you will want to do is download the software because again the Macbook Pro does not have a disk drive, as with many modern computers. You can easily do this from the RoadWarrior site. You will want to download both. There is also an option for the Windows Downloads as well.

Everything from this step forward is super easy, and the software will simply walk you through everything. You will want to make sure that once all the software picture this is when you connect your scanner to the USB port to your computer. When it comes to scanning, there are two guides which you will want to check out. The scanner which will give you complete instructions on scanning with OneTouch AutoLaunch, acceptable documents, maintenance troubleshooting and much more. There is also a TWAIN guide which will show you how to scan from applications.

Contents Of The Package:

  • RoadWarrior 4D Scanner with Travel Bag
  • USB Cable
  • Carrier Sheet (Clear plastic sleeve to protect fragile originals)
  • Calibration sheet and cleaning cloth
  • Quick Install Card
  • DVD includes: User’s Manuals and software
    • PC: Visioneer OneTouch with Acuity; Nuance PaperPort; Nuance
      OmniPage; Nuance Power PDF, DriverPLUS TWAIN, and WIA drivers.
    • Mac: Visioneer Scan Utility, TWAIN, and ICA drivers

I tested out this unit on multiple media including my id, receipts, documents with two sides and photos. Everything was read properly with no problems what so ever. I decided to stick all of my documents in the cloud and sent some through email. I love that when I find recipes or anything that I want to share with friends and family I can simply scan and send without the hassle of using a large scanner.

OneTouch Software

The RoadWarrior 4D uses a OneTouch Software system which really can come in handy if you have multiple devices and computers. It has the capability to identify what you’re scanning and with its OneTouch software feature, it can send scanned documents in various formats to multiple locations, such as your hard drive, an email and the cloud.

I use the cloud a lot, so this feature is something that I really enjoy and find it really easy to send everything where I need it super easy. This for me is the most powerful feature of this scanner.

RoadWarrior 4D Design

Personally, I love the design of the RoadWarrior 4D, and I don’t think they could have made it any better. It is compact. It is super thin and compact making it perfect for my desk which is usually just a hot mess due to taking a zillion pictures a day. I have very little room for anything when it comes to accessories that I don’t need or use. If you have a Macbook as I do you will know that they have a beautiful design it is very chic and a clean look. The 4D matches this perfectly.

The RoadWarrior 4D really can do everything that you might need with little effort, but one other thing you must take into consideration is that this is a manual feed scanner, which means that it does not automatically feed the document itself. For me, this is not a downfall at all, but if you are scanning a ton of different documents, you might want to consider a different model. On the bright side because this is a Duplex scanner you can do a two-sided document with ease.



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