A Retro Touch For Your Room From DecoBREEZE

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As the temps start to rise it is time to start thinking about keeping you cool. I must have a fan for every room in my home except my office, and the DecoBREEZE Retro Metal Fan is perfect for the office. This fan is just so cute and love the added retro feel that it can add to a room. Since I put it in my office, I have had so many compliments and questions to where I got it. 

This fan does not take up much room at all, and when you have a small space on your desk, this is perfect. The dimensions are 12.5″ Tall x 10″ Wide, so you need little space to enjoy this baby. The overall design is all metal giving it that perfect feel for any retrophiles.

The Retro Metal Fan has two speeds which are controlled by a nob on the top of the fan giving you the perfect amount of breeze to cool you off when the temperatures or your blood pressure start to rise. I know when I am in my office sometimes I can get a little hot-headed. LOL. This fan is actually really quiet as well. 

I would have to say that the best thing about this fan is that there is no assembly required!! Your new fan is ready to go right out of the box, just plug it in! AWESOME. I get so lazy when I have to put things together.

In all the Retro Metal Fan from DecoBREEZE is really a great option and would be perfect in just about any room. You can purchase this fan online at decobreeze.com for $49.99. I received the merlot colored retro fan, but DecoBREEZE does offer a stainless and copper version as well. 


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