Relax On The Coolest Picnic Rug

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So today it is actually beautiful outside. We had a bit of snow last night, but things have really warmed up. I have been trying so hard to get this posting done but really wanted to take pictures outside because this has to be the coolest picnic rug ever!! It is from The Monster Factory and is the VW Blue Picnic Rug. When I say it is freaking cool, it really is!

The Classic 65 Splitscreen VW Camper Van is the very essence of summer, but anytime the sun is out this is great to just snatch up and spend some time outside.  The official blue design is the ultimate scene-setter, with plenty of room for friends and family to join in the fun. The VW Camper Van rug comes in a handy carry case and is waterproof backed too, making it perfect for any field, park or beach.

What I really love about this VW Camper Van Picnic Rug is not only the fantastic design but that it comes with a handy carry case. This is something that I think all picnic rugs need. I planned on giving this to my dad for Christmas (now I want it so. I will have to buy another) because this is perfect for the beach. Awe. Laying in the sun soaking up some rays. That is where it is at!!

This also has a beautiful waterproof backing with again makes it perfect. Here in the mountains of North Carolina, our ground seems to always be wet, even when we are in a serious drought. This helps so much when Ricky and I just want to chill out and dream.

This has to be the coolest picnic rug I have ever seen. I love the classic VW design that just screams summer, yet you can still use this anytime of the year. You can purchase this on The Monster Factory website, and I think this would be a great gift for anyone that loves to get outside.

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