Rainbow Cupcakes

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Ok. So you know I adore cupcakes! I think it is because they are so much fun to decorate and they can be super easy to do. Today I wanted to share with you these cute Rainbow Cupcakes that are perfect for pool parties or family gatherings this summer (after social distancing of course).

This blog posting is just about the topping for the cupcake. You can simply use your favorite yellow cake mix or homemade mix to make the cupcakes.

What makes this super fun and special is the decoration on the top. The cute rainbow of course. I used the Unicorn Tails Licorice Candy Ropes from Amazon for this recipe. Plus, they are super yummy by themselves.

You will also need a vibrant blue icing and I would suggest the Funfetti frosting because it has such a beautiful color that really makes this design pop.

Once you have everything all together and your cupcakes are cool it is time to start to decorate. Place frosting in a piping bag or large baggie and snip the corner.

I did not use any tip for this to make it even easier for you to create. Next, grab your Unicorn Tails. Cut about a 1/3 off the licorice ropes and set those aside to snack on later.

Insert the longer pieces into the middle of the cupcakes. Make sure to stay towards the middle and not get to close to the edge. 

Lastly, place three marshmallows on each side to represent the clouds.

Below you will find a list of everything you need as well as the directions again for you to save or print. I do hope that you enjoy this recipe and it brings a bit of fun into your kitchen.

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