Practical Home Goods Under $100

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As most of you know, I just adore shopping for home goods. It is one of my favorite things to do in life and today I wanted to share with you a couple of practical home goods under $100 that can really make a huge impact on your home.

Practical Home Goods Under $100 ( Our Top Picks)

My first pick for our Practical home goods under $100.00 is a product that we recently did a posting about, the Verve Culture Handblown Glass. I am just in love with these amazing cups. Not only are they super practical when it comes to the price but they are just stunning.

You can see my full posting here about these glasses, but here is just a bit of information.

  • These glasses are perfect for drinking water, juices, tea, and most importantly – adding a pop of color to your dining table. 
  • They are also made from recycled glassware by artisans in Mexico. 
  • Verve Culture partners with Javier Gutierrez Esponsa and his team of dedicated glassblowers in Tonala, Mexico. 
  • Glassblowing is an art that takes up to 20 years to master, and Javier’s team has glassblowers of different skill levels.

One item that a house can never have enough of are tea towels. I know I home has several for all different occasions and holidays. I don’t just use mine for decoration but I actually use them all the time. Artemis Home Tea Towels has some amazing and colorful towels for you to choose from that really could be left out all year round.

  • Give your kitchen an instant boost of color with tea towels made of microfiber that complement other home decor with modern, beautiful designs while being multifunctional.  
  • Waffle-weave construction makes the towels quick-drying and highly-absorbent. 
  • Soft enough to clean delicate surfaces and durable enough to handle the toughest spills and messes. 

If your home is like ours we always have left overs and keeping them can sometimes be a problem. If I eat something one night I don’t want it the next, that is where Lasting Freshness 11 Piece Vacuum Seal Food Storage Container Set, comes in!

Did you know that this vacuum seal food storage system that keeps food fresh five times longer. Which can really help with not only saving your food but keeping money in your pocket. The vacuum food storage containers include a pump system that is designed to suck all of the air and moisture out so food stays fresher longer.

I am sure that many of you have heard of the Himalayan Salt Lamps but I must say this is another must for your home. There are so many benefits to having them.

Salt rock lamps that purify the air and decorate any room with a calming presence and authentic glow. This particular brand is handcrafted in Pakistan using salt from the Warcha Salt Mines, they are 100% authentic and one-of-a-kind. This is a must see.

If you get nothing from this post one item that I feel is a true must have for any home is the inPowered Lights. This is another item that I am so obsessed with that I am buying more for our home. These lights are not only super beautiful but have a purpose. I adore things that are multifunctional.

inPOWERED Light’s patented technology allows lamps to turn on when electricity goes out! It was so funny the other day our power did go out and I went to check on my pups who were laying in the bedroom and there my light shined bright. You can also use the base light if you unplug the light, simply setting the mood..he he he…

What is also super cool is that these lamps charge your devices for up to 24 hours during a power outage. So, it is always wise to have your phone charged durning a storm and this helps big time.

Another practical home good under $100 is the Verve Culture Moroccan Blankets. Just like the glasses I am sure that these are stunning. They just had to go on my list.

  • Blankets are an important part of Moroccan culture, due to the desert climate. 
  • Handwoven textiles are woven on home looms and given as gifts to mark special occasions and milestones. 
  • Made with hand dyed, natural cotton that softens with age and care, and oversized pom poms that dance when worn, these blankets add texture and personality when strewn across a bed or sofa.

Another amazing brand to check out that is really worth it, is the ATTITUDE Bulk To-Go Household Eco-Refills. One thing that I love about this brand its not only eco-friendly but it also is practical for this guide. My husband and I go through a ton of dishsoap and this is a perfect option for us.

  • ATTITUDE’s two-liter bulk to go eco-refills is packaging that just makes sense. 
  • Cuts down on waste and is cost-efficient. 
  • An alternative to single-use bottles and reduces plastic usage by up to 80 percent! 
  • Find shampoos, shower gels, laundry detergent, hand soaps, and more available.

My last item, I think it fun and super fun for your home. The company is called Sea Witch Botanicals Candles And Incense. I honestly have not tried this brand but it looks amazing and I have read all about them. Sea Witch Botanicals make it easy to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle as a one-stop-shop for eco-friendly household products – from incense and candles to soap and home cleaning.

I do hope that you enjoyed this little roundup of amazing and practical home goods under $100! If you are like me I like nice things in my home but I don’t have a ton of money (shucks). All of these would make a perfect addition in your home.

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