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Portable Fully Immersive Sound This Holiday

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As you know, I love music but you want to know the funny thing. I don’t like holiday music. Weird I know. I do like some Frank or Dean during the holiday but I listen to mostly the same stuff throughout the year. I adore 60’s and today I wanted to share with you a Portable Fully Immersive Sound This Holida from Rocksteady Stadium by Killer Concepts.

This system is AWESOME to the point where I literally move it from the office to the kitchen, to the bedroom and living room. I just love how this sounds and you really get the full effect of the music.

This was actually just launched a couple of months ago and I know this will be on everyones wish list this holiday season.

The bookshelf speaker plays music in its clearest form, immersing listeners in a home-concert-like experience unlike any other speaker. The speaker’s A.I.-driven audio authoring platform allows music fans to rediscover the original clarity of their favorite songs—like a ring tapping on a guitar or a distant vocal track – without the need to download apps or rely on unstable WiFi connections.

And the product is made for connecting to multiple devices to ensure a concert-like experience in your home.

One thing that I LOVED ABOUT THE ROCKSTEADY STADIUM was that it is super easy to connect the multiple devices. I have had so many speakers over the years that are just impossible. These connected so easily.

If you are looking for a more stationary system this is also for you as on the back these speakers can also be mounted.

I am just in love with this system and everyone should own a set or FIVE…LOL..I actually asked for more for Christmas because I do love my music when I am working and these are perfect. I do hope you check out the amazing and Fully Immersive Sound This Holiday from Rocksteady Stadium by Killer Concepts.


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