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Planning A College Visit And Why It’s Important

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If you’re a parent, then schooling opportunities are likely one of the biggest things on your mind. However, it’s difficult to pick the right school for our kids because we typically need their input. They need to decide what they want to study, if they’re willing to travel and also if they’re willing to leave home for a couple of months each year.

To help you save money and find the right college, it’s a good idea to make college visits throughout the year. In this brief post, we’re going to explain why it’s important and also how you can plan a productive visit to a nearby college.

Why visiting a college is important

  • It helps your child learn more about the college before they decide to apply for it
  • It gives your child an idea of how much they’ll need to travel to and from school
  • Your child will be able to look at the accommodation options and decide where they could stay
  • It allows your child to learn more about the college before picking it as a first choice
  • You and your child can ask questions to faculty members to get a better idea of the college’s values and staff

These are all very important reasons why you’d want to visit a college with your child before ultimately making a decision. Sending your child to college (especially if it’s a well-known or popular one) can be expensive, so it’s vital that you don’t waste your investment and look for effective ways to narrow down your choices and get a better feel for each one.

Narrow down your search first

Before you start jumping around the country to visit every college your child as chosen, make sure you narrow down your choices. It can help to make something like a spreadsheet to list down all of the different options so that you can compare them at a glance. Some factors to take into consideration include the college’s history, its proximity to you and also the subjects it offers. Once you narrow down your college search, you’ll have a much smaller list that is more feasible to work with.

You can continue refining the list if you want, but we suggest leaving your options open should your child change their mind in the future.

Plan a schedule ahead of time

You should ideally be planning well ahead of time to ensure a smooth college visit.

For instance, you could look for a hotel near Valdosta State University if your child plans to study there in the future. Hotels are generally within walking distance to the campus and you’ll get access to self-guided tour materials such as maps. You could also start looking at flight costs if their school is much further away. You should also consider speaking to the school itself to find out when they offer visits and if there are any extra options, such as a guided tour, that you could take advantage of.

Planning ahead will make a huge difference, and the experience will be far more comfortable if you know what to expect.


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