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PEEP On The Water Easter Drink Recipe

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As Easter approaches, it is time to start thinking about entertaining your guests and your family. This week I plan on sharing two recipe ideas with you using the Keurig KOLD drink maker. If you missed the posting about how to declutter your home using the KOLD I highly recommend checking it out to find out more about this amazing drink maker. Besides helping you to declutter the kitchen the KOLD drink maker is actually the perfect addition to your party or family get together. 

The KOLD system actually has a party mode that is ideal for for holidays or upcoming BBQ’s with the family. The KOLD is ready to make six beverages in a row before having to chill again (15 minutes) but when you are entertaining guests this might not be enough. Party Mode allows you to make 30+ beverages in a row. All you have to do is simply add ice to the water reservoir to make even more beverages in a row  and keep the fun going.

So let’s get back to this PEEP On The Water Drink recipe. This one is for the adults, and I thought that not only was it super cute but very taste!! I used the KOLD Union St. LoungeMojito POD to make this drink. After I made the Mojito, I then added about an ounce of Blue CuracaoThe Blue Curacao give you the beautiful blue color. I then added my favorite rum which is Malibu and ice. Lastly, I added a yellow PEEP just to give it a finishing touch. 

I think this drink turned out great, and I know that you and your guests will just love it. Not only could you make the PEEP on the water but the KOLD drink maker actually offers a couple of different PODS to help with entertaining your guests including a Strawberry Margarita and Classic Margarita. You can see all of the cocktail mixers on the KOLD website. 

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