Parabo Press: Bring Color To Your Home With Their Engineer Prints

by Betty Bite

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As most of you know since we had our house fire and lost everything I adore sharing what we are doing to our new home since it has been built. Over the holiday my husband and I have been working hard creating a space that I love for my office. Today I wanted to share the  Engineer Prints from Parabo Press and how it can really update a space easily and affordable.

One thing that I love in life is bright and vibrant pictures and combined with muted tones so that they really stand out. Engineer Prints are available in two GIANT sizes: Square 3×3 feet and their most popular 3×4 feet in size! All you have to do is upload your photo, print in color or black and white, and get your own personalized art starting at just $25. 


What I love most about the Engineer Prints is that they can be hung with Parabo Wood Rails, washi tape or even generic IKEA frames. They are an easy and inexpensive way to make a big impact through your wall decor!


Since I am a food and home decor blogger I tried to tie the two together with bright colors that inspire me. Come on, I am not a fitness blogger, so donuts was the key. I think this works perfectly in my office. Not only does it give me inspiration for my next amazing recipe but it works with the style that I am going for.


My office is made up of white furniture because I like the modern and clean look but I really didn’t want a muted Engineer Print. I wanted something that would pop in the room and be the focus. This worked totally perfectly.


When it comes to the Engineer Print the print does have very minor flows that you really don’t notice but I think that is because the image that I used was so vibrant. I do plan to put this in a frame but I just had to show you how cute this turned out.


I will have many more postings about my office transformation and the items that I have included soon. So make sure that you look out for that posting. Till then, I do suggest checking out these huge Engineer Prints from Parabo.

I do feel that they would make the perfect addition to your space. No matter if you want to print a photo that inspires you or save amazing memories of your family.

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