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Packing Need-To-Know Hacks For A Weekend Away

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Packing Need-To-Know Hacks For A Weekend Away

It doesn’t matter whether you are heading away for a couple of days because of a business trip or because you are treating yourself to a luxury city break, you need to pack and prepare as early as possible to get the most out of your jaunt. Packing for a holiday, no matter how long or how short, is an art. There are those people amongst us who seem to be able to pack for every eventuality in nothing more than a regular rucksack. While you might not have any chance of being that gifted, there are some packing hacks that you can use to ensure that you go away on your trip feeling light, prepared and ready.

Think Capsule

If you are heading away for a couple of nights and three days, there’s no point taking your entire wardrobe with you simply because you don’t know what you’ll want to wear when you’re away. You need to be more ruthless in your packing and match your excursions and activities with your potential attire. If you have plenty of business meetings planned, a pencil skirt, a trouser suit and a couple of blouses will suffice. Don’t pack dozens of pairs of shoes simply because you are indecisive. You need to get decisive.

If you are heading away for pleasure rather than business, think along the lines of mix and match outfits. Take a couple of fashion tops alongside a pair of skinny jeans and a skirt. Having these four or five pieces can make up to a dozen different outfits.

Limit Your Luggage

Don’t bring your hefty hard backed suitcase down from the loft. Instead, go for the front loading backpack as your luggage of choice. This will help to keep you focused on only packing what you need. With extra pockets, you can hide away your more expensive travel camera, your iPod and your GPS tracker. Being a front loading backpack, you can use it as a suitcase, but you can be more mobile and comfortable in your travel. If you’re heading overseas and catching a flight, a backpack will also allow you to take your luggage carry on, rather than having to queue up to check in your bags.

Roll, Don’t Fold And Be Logical

The art of packing comes with a lot of common sense. If you know that you will need your smartphone to hand, there’s no point packing it at the bottom of your bag. At the same time, you need to consider how you will pack your clothes most efficiently. You need to roll your clothes rather than folding them to ensure that any tailored clothes such as shirts and trousers don’t get too creased. Rolling largely eliminates this. Make sure that you place your socks within shoes and utilise every iota of space in your backpack. Think of packing in the same way as a game of Tetris.

Packing for a weekend away shouldn’t be stressful. Be ruthless with your outfit choices, roll instead of fold, and pack your much used items in easily accessible spots. You will master the art of packing.


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